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Sanitising Equipment

The awareness of the need for general cleanliness has been increasing incrementally over recent years, and we have now reached a stage where the knowledge of what is going on at a microscopic level has been matched by our ability to deal with the unwanted organisms lurking beneath. A big factor in being able to meet rigorous cleaning standards (certainly in a commercial sense), has been the development of cleaning machines to assist in ensuring that bacteria is destroyed and the right level of hygiene achieved. This has been brought into sharp focus in 2020 with the global pandemic of Coronavirus or Covid-19, where cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising are becoming part of everyone’s daily life, to prevent the spread of the virus. This article has been updated to reflect current developments.

Sanitising with chemicals – fogging and spraying

Using chemicals to disinfect a surface is one of the main methods of sanitisation. Chemical sanitisers can be dispensed using a variety of different sanitising equipment, such as fogging machines and disinfectant sprayers.

Cordless fogger V280B-CF in use

When used with an appropriate anti-viral disinfectant, foggers and disinfectant sprayers can be used to sanitise large areas, and have the ability to get into corners and awkward areas. Foggers are easy to use and can perform a vital function very quickly, so these are an ideal solution for regular use.

For outdoor sanitising, we can also supply hand pump sprayers.

Sanitising with Steam

If there is a concern about using chemicals or other methods of sanitisation then a dry steam cleaner is an excellent solution to the problem. Steam cleaners will usually dispense steam at a temperature of 120 ºC for a deep clean which sanitises surfaces, killing off bacteria lodged deep into surfaces which may not be removed by other methods.
Steam sanitising equipment is versatile; being available in a range of sizes, in portable or static forms and can have an in-built vacuum for easier clean up. These adaptable machines are equally useful in restaurant kitchens, agricultural settings or in the home. Steam cleaners are the only really effective way to sanitise soft furnishings, so are now being used by many hotels and holiday accommodation providers to ensure that both the hard and soft surfaces in the accommodations are sanitised and virus free.

Industrial cleaning and sanitising systems

B&G design and install application systems for a range of industries where wall mounted satellite units are fitted with valves to dispensing either foam or sanitisers. In a big industrial area or food production line, our range of central pressure washing machines can be used to apply sanitizers which are dispensed through lances either through one unit, or distributed around a factory to satellite dispensers using a multi-pump system.

The Washpoint Satellite system by B G Cleaning Systems is mostly used with a medium pressure ring main system at about 40bar to foam the chemicals. Below this level compressed air is needed to allow the chemicals to foam. After foaming a residual sanitiser may be supplied which is not rinsed off.

B G Cleaning Systems have a wealth of experience and expert advice on the type of sanitisation equipment that will work best for you, whether you’re looking for a small hand-held fogger or an industrial scale sanitising system, so please call us to discuss your needs.

Article updated by Ian Hodkinson 15th May 2020

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