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Car wash booms

In order to reduce the time it takes to wash a vehicle, such as a car or van, it may be worth considering the installation of an overhead wash boom. There are two main designs available dependent upon the type of mounting required. The most efficient car wash areas will be designed so that vehicles are driven straight through the washing area so if a wash boom is to be used it is better for it to be attached to an overhead gantry constructed especially for the purpose.


If a gantry is not used it is possible to fit a wash boom to a wall or cladding.


Vehicle Wash Booms

Wash booms are often called car wash booms because, as most are 2 metres radius or less, they’re only able to cover the width of a car or small van. Standard wash booms are typically found in car wash bays and car valeting operations, although larger booms are available for trucks and other large vehicles.

It is important when installing a vehicle wash boom to ensure it is protected against frost damage. This is best done by at least providing a means of draining the pipes or by trace heating. Trace heating is fitted by tying an insulated heated wire to the high pressure tube to the rotary coupling. The electricity supply to the trace heating wire is switched on when temperatures are below 5oC. The trace heated wire is covered by pipe insulation to prevent the heat generated by the trace wire from escaping.

Precautions should also be taken to prevent the vehicle driving off with the trigger assembly attached. This can be done easily by always being aware and holding the trigger assembly, or hanging the trigger assembly up on a purpose made bracket each time.

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Article updated by Steve Luckman 25th June 2021

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