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Pressure Washer Servicing

In the field of industrial cleaning equipment probably the most versatile machine is the pressure washer, which can be used inside and out and has many variations to ensure an optimum cleaning performance. As with all machinery, regular pressure washer servicing means less unplanned downtime and the servicing plan can be factored in to a production schedule to minimise inconvenience.

How commercial pressure washers work

A pressure washer applies pressure (naturally) to water which is then expelled at force from a hose or cleaning lance. Pressure, however, is not the only factor in determining the cleaning efficiency of a pressure washer as the water flow rate also plays a significant part and it is the balance between the two which determines which machine and what settings to use. To achieve the required level of performance the pressure washer is made up of a variety of components. Industrial pressure washers for example are often independently powered by a petrol or diesel engine so these components require attention as well as the pump which imparts the pressure. A hot water pressure washer will also have a burner to heat the water, sometimes to a level where steam is produced to be used for an enhanced cleaning performance. The whole assembly of a pressure washer is put together using various joints and washers all of which have to cope with pressure and water as does the hose or cleaning lance which has to be matched to the machine and be in a good state of repair.

Does your pressure washer clean effectively?

If it is not doing the job it might be because your machine is not up to the task, which can be prevented by talking to a leading cleaning equipment supplier like B&G Cleaning Systems who can advise on the best machine for your needs. Or it may be that it has not been regularly serviced (a false economy) and its performance is impaired

Commercial pressure washer servicing companies

As we have so far learned pressure washer servicing is important and it should be carried out by responsible service engineers. The technicians should be highly trained and the company employing them should be ISO9001 approved, as B&G are, to ensure quality of service. It may be preferable to take out a service contract to be better able to plan budgets and schedules. The servicing is usually carried out on site so the cleaning equipment company should have a fleet of well stocked service vehicles to ensure minimum disruption. In the unfortunate event that the machine has to be removed from site a well established servicing company would be able to provide a loan machine. It is important, however, that ultimately the work is guaranteed by the servicing company.

As a leading cleaning equipment supplier B&G Cleaning Systems offer guaranteed servicing and repair for all makes of  commercial pressure washer and other cleaning equipment and meets the stringent guidelines outlined above.

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