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Industrial Floor Scrubber Types

The industrial floor scrubber is a versatile and invaluable tool in floor cleaning. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations it fulfils different requirements to ensure an efficient floor cleaning regime. The industrial floor scrubber can be divided into two discrete groups – the single disc machine and the scrubber drier.

Single disc floor scrubbers buffers and polishers

The single disc floor scrubbing machine consists of a horizontal disc powered by a motor and controlled by a handle assembly similar to an upright vacuum cleaner. The disc rotates over the floor to remove deposits and is speed adjusted depending on the surface being cleaned. That is the cleaner at its simplest level, but of course there is more to it. For instance the lower the speed, the more effective pressure there is on the brush, which means a deeper clean, so you might use a lower speed for scrubbing or dewaxing, and a higher speed for polishing or buffing. There is a range of attachments for different jobs, so one machine can fulfil many different requirements including scrubbing and polishing. Another important factor in a single disc machine is the design as well as performance, as the weight distribution for example, if it is not correct, can lead to an impaired cleaning performance and awkwardness in operation which can have an adverse effect on the operator.

Floor scrubber driers

For larger industrial floor areas floor scrubbers, which dry the floor as they work, provide deep cleaning for hard surfaces. Again using a rotating brush, which may be a disc type or cylindrical, acting on the floor it removes the dirt, with the resulting residue being collected by a system of squeegees, and deposited into a collection tank. There are a variety of sophisticated options for these machines such as; self-levelling brushes, automatic stopping, anti-foam devices etc.
Large areas can be cleaned quickly and efficiently using a ride-on floor scrubber.

COVID-19 floor cleaning

The spread of COVID-19 in 2020 has of course raised the profile of hygiene and an awareness of measures that can be taken to stop the spread of infection. The World Health Organisation estimates that Coronavirus can remain on hard surfaces for a couple of days or more, and whilst you might immediately think of various surfaces which may be touched by several people, including door handles, stair rails and counter tops for example, the virus can also be present on floors and then be kicked up into the air as people walk or move equipment around.

We recommend using a floor scrubber for virus control, rather than manual mopping, because:

  • As soon as you start to mop a floor, using water in a bucket, that water may become contaminated, so when you apply the mop to the floor again, you could just be putting the contaminant back down. With a floor scrubber, the cleaning solution you use is constantly clean.
  • The process of moving a mop around to clean a floor tends to spread dirt and viruses, whereas a scrubber dryer applies cleaning solution, then sucks it and any contaminants straight back up again.

It’s important to use an appropriate chemical such as Prochem’s Microsan Biocidal Cleaner and to follow safe procedures to protect users when cleaning the floors.

Buying a floor scrubber

Depending on the type, a floor scrubber can represent a serious investment, so you’ll want to make sure you choose the best one for your needs. Talk to experts like the B&G floor cleaning team, who understand floor cleaning equipment and have the experience and expertise to ensure you make the right choice. We can usually arrange a demo for you, so you can “try before you buy”.

If you’re only likely to need a scrubber dryer occasionally, Why not hire one?
See scrubber dryers for hire here, with price list. 

Article updated by Martin Reece 6th July 2020

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