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Commercial Cleaning Systems

Every business needs a cleaning system to ensure the appropriate level of hygiene and cleanliness. A commercial cleaning system can encompass everything from the established routine which is followed to achieve the appropriate standard to the machines used to carry out the cleaning tasks. Today’s commercial cleaning machines often have a multiplicity of functions, making them cleaning systems in themselves.

Cleaning System – Machines

The machines used in industrial environments are often multi-functional and used either individually or as part of a wider cleaning system. An example would be a hot water pressure washer with a steam cleaning facility in-built. This piece of cleaning equipment would be used where the normal hot water and detergent mix is not enough to clean to the required standard, so the additional ability to add steam enables the cleaning process to be carried out using a single machine. Cleaning systems include, for example, the scrubber drier which, as the name suggests, carries out two distinct functions. The scrubber drier cleans floors by a system of rotating brushes used in conjunction with water and detergent, which is then dried by an arrangement of squeegees and sometimes vacuum. Although these machines and others carry out different duties within the same unit, they are usually used within the context of a wider process

Cleaning System – Process

The Scrubber Drier, although a cleaning system within itself, would be used after a sweeper or vacuum had first removed the surface debris. The process of cleaning and the development of the cleaning system are determined by the size and standard of cleanliness of the area to be cleaned. It may be that a simple pressure washer is sufficient, say for vehicle cleaning or there may be a need for a sophisticated centralised system for multi operator use. In this case a ring main system with a multi pump arrangement is used with pressures washer lances being connected at points along it to enable cleaning. This type of system can be computer controlled to ensure optimum performance, and is ideal where regular cleaning is required. For complex cleaning requirements a bespoke system is the answer particularly where a high standard is necessary.

The cleaning system is an important part of any industry and as one of the leading cleaning equipment suppliers, we can provide everything you need to make your decision.

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