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Viper Cleaning Machines

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B&G are Proud to be Viper dealer of the year 2022 and 2023!

Viper Scrubbers and Vacuums

Viper Cleaning Machines are growing in popularity and have established themselves as a dynamic force in modern cleaning solutions. Viper offers a comprehensive range of a range of scrubber dryers suitable for all floor surfaces and commercial vacuum cleaners, all at competitive prices.

One of Viper’s standout features is its dedication to user-friendly design. Viper equipment is easy to service and maintain, offering trouble free cleaning. The equipment is engineered with intuitive controls and ergonomic features, ensuring that operators can quickly master its use. This emphasis on ease of use translates to increased efficiency and reduced training time for operators.

Viper’s lineup encompasses an array of cleaning machines, from robust scrubbers and sweepers to versatile carpet extractors. Affordability without compromising quality is a defining aspect of Viper’s ethos. The brand’s commitment to delivering reliable and effective cleaning solutions at competitive price points makes it an attractive choice.

If you don’t see the machine you need in the list of models, please contact us for more information or advice.

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