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MAC Cleaning Machines

MAC International offer a wide range of  heavy duty industrial and commercial cleaning equipment, manufactured in the UK. The range includes MAC Permahot pressure washers, which maintain a constant temperature of 90°C throughout use.

MAC supply their pressure washers, sweepers and scrubber driers only through approved distributors like B&G, who have extensive knowledge of the range, so our customers are assured of expert advice and service.

MAC Pressure Washers

MAC Cleaning Machines has made a significaant impact on the cleaning industry with its range of cutting-edge equipment, and its line of MAC Pressure Washers is no exception. Renowned for their robust design and exceptional performance, MAC Pressure Washers harness the might of high-pressure water jets to effortlessly remove dirt, grime, and stains from various surfaces. Whether it’s sprucing up outdoor spaces, revitalizing industrial machinery, or maintaining vehicles, MAC Pressure Washers deliver a thorough and efficient clean that meets the demands of diverse cleaning tasks. With a focus on durability and adaptability, MAC Pressure Washers exemplify cleaning innovation at its finest.

MAC Sweepers and Scrubber Driers

Beyond pressure washers, MAC Cleaning Machines also offers a range of advanced cleaning solutions, including MAC Sweepers and Scrubber Driers. These machines represent a leap forward in cleaning efficiency and versatility. MAC Sweepers efficiently collect debris, leaves, and litter from outdoor or indoor areas, while MAC Scrubber Driers tackle interior spaces with precision, scrubbing and drying of floors in a single pass. The integration of ergonomic features and user-friendly controls ensures that operators can navigate tight spaces and complex environments with ease. From large industrial complexes to commercial spaces, MAC Sweepers and Scrubber Driers efficiently clean contributing to healthier environments. With a commitment to excellence, MAC Cleaning Machines continue to redefine the way we approach cleaning, empowering professionals to achieve outstanding results.

For more information about MAC International cleaning equipment, please click on the links below, then give us a call to discuss your needs and for current best pricing.

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