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Chemical Fogging Equipment

Fogging and sanitising

Fogging machines have a wide range of applications, from humidifying, pest control, mould treatment and odour control to sanitisation. Foggers dispense chemical solutions in a very fine mist, covering a distance of several metres. The mist settles on all surfaces and this method offers a quick and easy way to treat large areas, inside and outside.
B&G’s range of fogging machines are the ideal way to dispense sanitisers and disinfectants to provide protection against COVID-19.

Using foggers for infection control – COVID fogging machines

Foggers can be used to disinfect a whole room in just a few minutes, to help reduce the spread of viral infections.
We also supply disinfectant chemical for foggers which has been independently tested for protection against Coronavirus.

Our fogging equipment range includes small hand pump sprayers and ULV foggers, all of which are cost-effective and easy to operate. These are popular for use in doctors’ surgeries, care homes, hotels, cars and public transport etc.

We also supply larger fogging systems for industrial use, e.g. in food processing plants and dairies.

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