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Drum Mount Fogjet

Compressed air chemical fogger

  • Designed for chemical fogging or humidity control
  • Uses dilute disinfectant and compressed air
  • For use in enclosed spaces 200 – 400 m³
  • Discharges micronised solution

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    The Drum Mount Fogjet fogging machine can be placed directly into a drum, such as a 25 litre container, containing an appropriate dilution fluid.

    Fogjets facilitate the control of airborne flora and micro-organisms using dilute disinfectant and compressed air as the basic components of activity to create a supersaturated atmospheric condition.

    The Fogjet is equipped with a nozzle which draws in the fluid when activated by compressed air, using the venturi effect which causes the induction of the liquid from the vessel into the nozzle, then discharging it as micronised particles that can be easily absorbed by the immediate atmosphere. This raises the humidity of the airspace in a closed work area to a supersaturated condition known as fog. The resulting condition is known to effectively control airborne bacteria, micro flora and wild yeast, particularly when a disinfectant dew is allowed to form on working surfaces.

    Fogjet fogger operating guidance

    The Drum Mount Fogjet requires a clean compressed air supply delivering 75 to 100 litres/minute of air at a pressure of 4 Bar for optimum results.
    It is recommended that a compressed air pressure regulator is incuded in the supply line to control the performance.
    It is also good practice to include a robust air filter to prevent any pipeline debris from blocking the nozzle.

    The level of saturation achieved will depend on the:

    • Volume of the enclosed space
    • Ambient Temperature
    • Relative Humidity
    • Air Change within the space during the process
    • Duration of the process

    It is required that the container is left open to the atmosphere at all times during operation to avoid a vacuum forming within the container.

    Safety note: The Fogjet nozzles produce micronised particles of moisture that are absorbed by the ambient air. These particles may be of a chemical nature, so personnel should be excluded from the area whilst fogging is in progress.

    Available in 2 sizes:
    420mm Tube length
    460mm tube length


    Fogger Warranty Information

    All foggers purchased from B&G are supplied with 12 months back to base warranty. Aftercare, service facility & spare parts also available.

    Technical data: Drum Mount Fogjet

    Features: Drum Mount Fogjet
    Air supply pressure 2-6 bar
    Optimum air pressure 4 bar
    Air volume requirements 75 – 100 litres per minute
    Liquid consumption 150g per minute
    Suggested treated volume 200 – 400 m³


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