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Industrial and Commercial Steam Cleaners

Commercial steam cleaners are efficient and effective tools for cleaning and sanitisation, with or without the use of chemicals.

Here you can see all of our commercial steam cleaners, both hot water pressure washers (used to create wet steam) and dry steam cleaners.

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Industrial Steam Cleaners

The use of steam for industrial cleaning dates back about 150 years. In recent years, technology has moved on leaps and bounds, making steam cleaners an important part of the cleaning regime for all types of business.

How industrial dry steam cleaners work

The application of steam changes the state of the dirt and grease lying on the surface to a more liquid one, enabling it to be removed by mopping up or sometimes using a vacuum.

An industrial dry steam cleaner uses pressure to raise the boiling point of the water to create a saturated form of steam at a temperature up to 170ºC, at which point the steam acts to dissolve dirt and grime without adding excess water and will clean and sanitize, without chemicals. These steam cleaning machines can be portable, for where ad hoc cleaning is required or static where there is a regular clean down requirement. Dry steam can also be used with a vacuum cleaner for deep carpet cleaning (extraction cleaning).

Efficient and sustainable cleaning with steam

Commercial dry steam cleaning machines are gaining in popularity year on year for a range of reasons, including:

Rising hygiene standards, particularly in food industries

Because steam cleaners can penetrate into the surface and all of the otherwise inaccessible nooks and crannies, they are able to sanitize surfaces far more effectively than normal washing. Steam cleaning removes dirt, grease, grime and also 99% of germs, bacteria and other organisms, so we recommend steam cleaning equipment for use in hospitals and medical facilities, restaurants, kitchens and food production environments, where high standards of hygiene are essential.

Thorough steam cleaning is also an effective way to help control the spread of viruses, including Coronavirus

The capability of steam to fight viruses has come to the forefront in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Steam cleaning is a proven way to fight Coronavirus, for example please see this steam cleaning test information from Karcher.

Concerns about the environment and sustainability

Effective waste management is important to all businesses these days. As we are all very aware, chemicals which end up in waste water can have damaging consequences, so there is a push to reduce usage of harmful chemicals. As dry steam contains only around 5-6% water, it cleans deeply without chemicals, using very little water in the process, so generating very low levels of waste.

Cost and efficiency business drivers

Business need to control their costs and improve efficiency and dry steam cleaning also plays an important part here. Apart from reducing or eliminating chemical costs and using small amounts of water, today’s industrial steam cleaners are versatile and efficient as manufacturers are evolving the technology to meet industrial standards and product equipment which is efficient, safe and fast and intuitive to use, an ideal cleaning method for a wide range of businesses.

Some industrial dry steam cleaners also qualify for tax relief under the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme. See more information about ECA here. 

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Wet steam cleaners

One of the most invaluable and versatile tools used in industrial cleaning is the hot water pressure washer many of which now have the addition of a steam facility to enhance their cleaning capabilities. By adjusting the pressure in the unit to reduce the flow rate of the water but allowing the heat exchanger to lift the water temperature, the water temperature can increase to around 140ºC. This creates steam with a comparatively high water content, known as wet steam, which whilst effective in some situations, does introduce additional moisture into the cleaning process when it may not be required, unlike a single function dry steam cleaner.

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