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Dry Steam Cleaners

The cleaning power of dry steam for deep cleaning is well known and we offer a range of dry steam cleaners, suitable for all applications. A robust and versatile group of machines, some with the addition of vacuum to assist in the removal of residue. Dry steam cleaners are eco friendly as they reduce the need for harsh cleaning agents and disinfectants, and also use little water. Dry steam penetrates into the surface and, because it is delivered at pressure, destroys the hidden bacteria to sanitise the surface, as well removing visible grime and grease.

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The steam cleaners marked * qualify for the ‘Enhanced Capital Allowance’ scheme and are also on the water technology list.
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Industrial Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaning is invaluable in the healthcare and food industries among others where sanitizing and deep cleaning are of paramount importance. A dry steam cleaner will produce steam at about 180o C, which means it has an extremely low water content and has excellent degreasing properties.
Please look through the products and example applications – you might be surprised about some of the things you can clean with a dry steam cleaner!

Dry Steam Cleaners for sale

As leading suppliers of commercial and industrial steam cleaning equipment in the UK, we can advise you on the most suitable machine for your needs – and supply it at a competitive price.

Did you know that for one-off cleaning jobs, you can hire a steam cleaner from B&G?

Coronoa Virus COVID-19 note:
Dry steam cleaners are in high demand for Coronavirus decomtamination. See our Covid-19 cleaning recommendations here.
We have a wide range in stock for fast delivery – if you need advice, please call us.

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