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Pure Water Cleaning

Cleaning Equipment for Pure Water Cleaning

Water is a naturally impure liquid and these impurities can interfere when using it for cleaning, as microscopic deposits can cause streaks or marks and windows, for example, may not look as clean as they might. Pure water has all the impurities removed by a process called reverse osmosis and because water is naturally impure, it wants to return to its natural state. This means that when pure water is applied to a surface it will absorb the deposits from it, leaving the surface clean and streak free.

The obvious and most common use for this technology is in window cleaning, where the old method of using soapy water, cloths and ladders is being phased out as more window cleaners turn to pure water cleaning.

There are other uses like the Karcher Solar Panel Cleaner which uses pure water instead of abrasive cleaning materials to clean solar panels.

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