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Choosing the right cleaning equipment for use on farms

It’s very easy for dirt to accumulate on farms, whether it’s mud from the fields, animal waste, dairy work or meat processing, so we’re aware that keeping farm equipment and working areas clean is of great importance to all farmers.

The right choice of equipment is essential though, as it often needs to be used outside and in environments where the waste products may be corrosive, so needs to be robust, high-performance and corrosion-resistant.

If you choose well, your cleaning equipment can be used for a range of purposes around the farm.

Agricultural Cleaning Equipment

The biggest problem when keeping tractors and harvesting equipment clean, is general mud and grime, some of which can be hosed off, although pressure washing and steam cleaning are far more effective, use less water and can also be used with eco-friendly detergents for a quick and efficient cleaning regime which will remove oil and grease at the same time.

Where equipment is shared between farms, there’s a risk of passing seeds and other organisms from one farm to another which could lead to an outbreak of weeds or pests. Regular cleaning and maintenance also help to prolong the life of your farm equipment, so it makes sense to keep on top of it.

Cleaning up after your livestock and poultry

High standards of hygiene are essential when managing livestock and, wherever there are animals, you can guarantee a regular supply of droppings, dirty bedding, food etc all of which needs frequent removal to protect your animals and reduce the risk of infections. Alongside your regular sweeping up and cleaning, we recommend using a high-pressure steam cleaner for deep cleaning and sanitisation, without the use of chemicals.

Poultry breeders usually need to carry out a thorough deep clean every few weeks after the current batch of chickens has been sold, and it may be more convenient for them to hire cleaning equipment just when they need it.

Dairy cleaning

The requirement for a high level of sanitation and hygiene in the dairy industry is well understood.
Cleaning the milking equipment is a largely automated process, carried out by either reverse flushing the system or using a jetter system where a separate line is installed to introduce water and cleaning agents into the system.

Cleaning in Place systems can be used to clean the milking equipment and production line, and some milk producers also use wall mounted or static pressure washers to clean down the area.

Cleaning dairy floors

A dairy floor should be well drained and be impervious to water to enable it to be easily washed with water. The floor will, after milking, have a large amount of faecal matter on it and its removal is the first step in effective cleaning. The use of a high-pressure washer at this stage isn’t ideal – what’s needed is a machine that uses a high volume of water at low pressure, to wash away the unwanted residue. Once this has been done then a high-pressure washer with a chemical sanitising agent can be used to deep clean the area.

Effective cleaning for Health and Safety on farms

Working in a dirty or messy environment can also be hazardous to people working on the farm – slips and trips being an obvious hazard which farmers are used to working with. Even in areas where hygiene is less important regular use of industrial floor sweepers will help to reduce the risks.

Popular cleaning equipment used on farms

The Edge Leopard is manufactured with a polypropylene casing to resist corrosion.

The MAC Drop hot water pressure washer also has a corrosion-resistant casing and is available with a range of added safety features.

PTO pressure washers are tractor driven, so make use of equipment already available on the farm. They are ideal for cleaning poultry and livestock sheds.

Viper LSU Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners have a 55 litre tank capacity and are robust, but light and easy to maouvre

Choosing the right tools for the job can make a farmers’ life easier, so why not talk to the experts at B&G for advice and guidance on the best cleaning equipment for your needs, to buy or to hire.

Article written by Ian Hodkinson 10th March 2022

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