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Steam Cleaner Rental

If you only have an occasional use for a steam cleaner, it may be more cost effective to rent one, rather than have the outlay of a purchase. There are many companies that offer a steam cleaner rental service, so you need to make sure that you’re clear about what you want, when you want it and who can offer you the best price and service. Read on for an overview of the key ways to narrow down your search by identifying your ideal machine specification, choosing an organisation to hire from and understanding the real price.

Hiring a steam cleaner: things to think about

Capacity: What do you need the machine to do? What type of surface/item do you need to clean? How big is the area you need to clean and in what timescales? Unless you know answers to these questions, you won’t be able to narrow down the technical machine specifics to make an informed choice on the piece of equipment that is right for you.

Is it a steam cleaner you need? A true steam cleaner offers a ‘dry’ clean, although there can be confusion over the term ‘steam cleaner’. There are many machines called steam cleaners that give the appearance of using steam when they are really spraying small moisture particles that look like steam.

Is it just a steam cleaner you need? There are combined steam cleaner models to rent and buy that will provide you with a dry steam and a vacuum system in the same machine. This can often be more convenient as you have one piece of equipment for the whole clean.

Weight and size: Don’t assume an ideal size and weight, be thorough in your approach and discuss the options with the person you expect to operate the steam cleaner!

Power: Is it correct to say that the more power a machine has, the faster and better your job will get done? Well, this may be true, but don’t forget to look at the power in relation to the machine’s weight and size, as well as the type of job you’ve got versus the extras/accessories that a machine has. Often you’ll find the benefits a particular attachment to a steam cleaner can offer you, makes all the difference for your bespoke job.

Superheated steam cleaner rental

Red Mist superheated steam cleaner

For delicate work, where high pressure cleaning might cause damage to the substrate, a high temperature steam cleaner, working at low pressure and with low water volume is recommended. The B&G Red Mist superheated steam cleaner supplies steam at 150° is available to rent or buy.

Steam cleaner hire periods

Companies offer different rental periods, from hourly to weekly and to longer term leasing arrangements. Make sure you rent the steam cleaner for no longer than you need it, equally, make sure you have accurately estimated the time it will take to do the job as you don’t want to leave the job half done or face additional rental costs to extend your contract at short notice. B&G offer rental periods from 3 days to 52 weeks.

See our steam cleaners available for hire (and price list), or contact us for advice.

Article updated 11/3/20 by Ian Hodkinson.

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