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Buffing Machine

Floor Buffing Machines – a Quick Guide

If you have ever had to clean a floor with using a mop and bucket, you will no doubt appreciate a machine that takes away that unrewarding and tedious task. A buffing machine is a boon to floor cleaning and the alleviation of backache.

Buffing Machine – What is it?

Simply put the buffing machine operates using one or two rotating pads which work on the floor to both to remove dirt and to polish. The type of cleaning carried out depends on the material used on the changeable pad as these machines can be used for deep cleaning as well as polishing to a gleaming finish. Although the operation of the buffing machine appears quite straightforward there are many factors to consider before selecting the right machine.

Buffing Machine – How to Choose

Firstly of course one has to decide what the buffing machine is needed to do, such as the type of cleaning and the surface to be cleaned. The procedure to choose the right product for a specific application must take consideration of the weight (that is the pressure over the brush), the surface to work, the RPM and type of construction of the motor and the transmission type. Generally speaking, the lower the rotation speed, the deeper the clean (ideal for floor scrubbing) and the higher the rotation speed the better for cleaning the surface (ideal for polishing or burnishing).
There are a variety of factors to take into account when selecting a buffing machine, for instance, different pad combinations, rotation speed and motor power can provide the answer for any application: from de-waxing or deep scrub, up to polishing or buffing; from crystallization up to spray cleaning; also carpet cleaning or sanding. How much power is necessary?
There is no set rule, common sense dictates that the higher the friction over the floor (a combination of type of working, type of surface and type of accessory used), the higher the power requirement of the motor. The more powerful the motor, the harder the work can be undertaken.

Safe use of Floor Buffing Machines

The machine construction must also take into consideration the dangers of an operator using the machine for extended periods. Only careful design with uniform weight distribution on the machine allows a perfect balance for an ergonomic working posture, without any vibration or unusual effort required to keep the machine operating correctly. Cheaper and less well thought out designs, can lead to less productivity and greater risks of fatigue or accidents for the operator.

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