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High Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are extremely useful tools, removing stubborn dirt and grime, both in the industrial and domestic environments. The cleaning properties of water under pressure can be seen from a simple garden hose where, when the nozzle aperture is narrowed, the water is expelled in a thinner, more forceful jet. The high pressure washer works in a similar fashion except that the water is pressurised through a pump to increase power.

High pressure washers are normally connected to a water supply and the water passes through a pump to be expelled at pressure through a cleaning lance which removes the unwanted deposits from the surface. The cleaning lance has a trigger which controls the flow of water and enables the operator to direct the jet. There are different types of high pressure cleaner to suit various applications, for example a high pressure cleaner used with a turbo lance is a very effective method of grafitti removal.

Types of high pressure cleaning machines

Over the last forty years or so the high pressure washer has evolved into a range of models suitable for the many cleaning requirements that are presented. The cold water pressure washer is used where surface cleaning only is needed, such as exterior washing down and hard surface cleaning. This type of washer is available from a small portable size up to a static wall mounted washer where there is a regular clean up requirement. The hot water pressure washer is also available in portable or static forms and can be part of a bespoke system where a systematic and regular clean up is required. .

Static pressure washers can be plumbed in and the controls can be set which removes any concerns about possible operator error or abuse.

High pressure cleaning systems

High pressure cleaning principles can be incorporated into a purpose built centralised system where the pump is separate from the cleaning lance and the water is fed to it via a ring main system with outlets for the lance at fixed points along it. This type of system is invaluable in industrial processes such as food production, where a high level of hygiene is required Using pressure washers either singly or as part of multi operator system, high pressure cleaning systems can be developed to suit your specific requirements, for the most efficient cleaning.

B&G’s centralised cleaning systems use a multi pump set up enabling varying numbers of operators to use it at different times. Because it has several pumps, it only supplies the amount of water and cleaning chemicals being called for. This ensures that the system receives even usage and is therefore more effective and economic. For information about this type of high pressure cleaning system please give us a call.

High pressure washing – precautions

Cleaning chemicals and detergents are often effective ways to clean surfaces, particularly when used with high pressure, although care should be taken to ensure that the chemicals used are appropriate and used safely for surface cleaning.Detergents soak into the dirt, making it easier for the water to lift it from the surface to be cleaned. There is a variety of different types of detergents (alkaline, acid, solvent based etc) depending on the type of dirt to be removed, so be sure to choose appropriately and follow the safety instructions. Any chemicals used in the surface cleaning process will be washed away somewhere – always check where the dirty water will drain away to – in some cases you may need to treat the waste water.

High pressure washers and steam cleaners

For the more difficult jobs like graffiti removal, or for sanitisation purposes, some of the machines in our range heat the water to boiling point, generate steam under pressure, which is an environmentally friendly method of cleaning and sanitizing surfaces. The nozzle has to be as close to the surface as possible in order that the vapour reaches into the surface to enable the dirt to be lifted.

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