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The requirement for the industrial and commercial processes to be conducted in a clean environment has never been more pronounced. The emphasis on hygiene is in the national consciousness as evidenced by the plethora of advertising for domestic cleaning products, and it is no longer adequate in the industrial environment to give machinery a quick rub down with an oily rag, and the floor a cursory sweep. Alongside the need for hygenic cleaning, the desire to reduce water and chemical usage is leading to some great innovations in commercial cleaning equipment.

Types of cleaning equipment – floor cleaning

The sophisticated cleaning equipment employed today enables the cleaning process to be carried out in a timely and efficient way, ensuring minimum downtime and disruption. For instance sweeping the floor, which was a time consuming and labour intensive operation is now normally carried out using either a pedestrian sweeper (also known as a walk behind sweeper) or a ride-on sweeper. Using a system of rotating brushes and vacuum, floors can be cleared of debris regularly to avoid unsightly and potentially dangerous build up.

We are all aware of the vacuum cleaner as being the most ubiquitous type of cleaning equipment and the same principle applies to commercial carpet cleaning. The differences are that the machines have a larger collection capacity, often have the ability to remove wet as well as dry waste and may have an integral chemical application facility for deeper cleaning.

Hard floors may require closer attention than a sweeper can provide and to this end the scrubber drier has been developed. By using rotating brushes and the application of a cleaning agent, the floor can be cleaned of more adherent waste than would be possible using a sweeper. As with the mechanical sweeper the options can be either a walk behind (pedestrian) floor scrubber or a ride-on floor scrubber.

Types of cleaning equipment – other

Industrial processes are by their nature prone to create dirt and pollution within the workplace and outside; sometimes the dirt and pollution is created by the public (for instance graffiti); but it all requires an efficient clean up. The development of the pressure washer over the last 40 years has improved the ability to remove stubborn dirt and to do it in a shorter time (it is particularly useful in the field of graffiti removal). Pressure washers may use hot or cold water; cold for general grime but for stubborn stains or degreasing then hot water is better. The amount of pressure used to impel the water is important as too high a pressure could damage the surface being cleaned, yet too low would render the washer less effective. A pressure washer can be portable or static. The portable washer has the advantage of being able to be moved around or even off site, however, if the cleaning is part of a regular process, a static cabinet mounted pressure washer could be better as it is always in position ready to go and geared to the job in hand. For instance a pressure washer could be used as a static jet wash in the transport industry or as part of a centralised cleaning system where a number of operatives can use the pressure washer at the same time by using a ring main system.

For more specific and hygienic cleaning, then a dry steam cleaner may be the answer which as with the pressure washers these can be portable or static.

B G Cleaning Systems have many years experience in designing installing and selling cleaning equipment and would be pleased to help in the selection of the right product for your needs.

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