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Bespoke Cleaning Equipment

There is a huge variety of cleaning equipment covering every need from the smallest carpet stain to the biggest factory floor. Scrubber driers, steam cleaners, vacuums, pressure washers – all these machines can be used to tackle different sorts of dirt. But some cleaning jobs are just too big, too complex, or too specialised for an off-the-shelf product. So you might want to consider having a cleaning system tailor-made to meet your needs and streamline your cleaning regime.

Building the system to suit you

For big or complicated cleaning jobs, a cleaning system, comprising different types of equipment and variable water pressure / flow can provide an efficient way to clean multiple areas.

A centralised commercial cleaning system, for example, is used in industrial settings to deliver water from a pump to a series of satellite outlets. Its advantages lie in the fact it can be used by several different operators, it adapts easily, it will deliver water at whatever pressure is needed and it does not have to be moved around. BG Clean not only has a full range of such systems, but will also design and build a bespoke version for a client after a site visit.

Our new MPA Hydra multi-pump system, an energy-efficient method for washing down, can also built to exact customer specifications. Need to sanitise your premises? We produce bespoke cleaning equipment for chemical spraying and mixing. We have also designed and built a cleaning-in-place system – a term used to describe the cleaning of interior surfaces of equipment – for ingredients’ vessels for a food manufacturer.

Cleaning problems and their solutions

Over the past 25 years, B&G Cleaning Systems have established themselves as experts in building bespoke cleaning equipment for a wide variety of customers, including:

  • High pressure equipment for cleaning magnetic swarf from photocopier components, featuring a fully recycled water system
  • Steam heated hot water pressure cleaners, chemical mixers and sprayers for the Ministry of Defence
  • A central wash down system for up to 12 users for a hamburger manufacturer
  • A central cleaning system for a major dairy company which pumped out water at over 90 degrees

For advice and guidance about bespoke cleaning equipment or to arrange a site visit, please give us a call or complete our contact form.

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