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Single disc floor cleaners

What is a single disc floor cleaner?

A single disc floor cleaner is a versatile and efficient cleaning machine. As the name implies it uses a single rotating disc which works on the floor to clean it. Different pads, rotation speed and motor power can provide the solution for any floor cleaning application: from de- waxing or deep scrubbing, up to polishing or buffing; from crystallization up to spray cleaning; also carpet cleaning or sanding.

Single disc floor cleaners – what are the benefits?

A single disc floor cleaner can offer a wide range of benefits and although the extent of these perks will vary depending on the machine chosen, it is important to recognise that the purchase of a single disc floor cleaner could really benefit your company’s bottom line. Check the benefits outline below to find out how this type of machine could save your organisation money.

Manoeuvrability: Easy-to-move, light machines will enable the operator to be more productive and become less fatigued – freeing them up to undertake additional tasks.

Size: A majority of these machines are compact. This enables most machines to be stored easily on the site where they will be used most, cutting down on time, resource and logistical issues associated with larger floor cleaning machines. In addition, the size of the machine will also offer a solution to floor spaces where it is impractical to move items (such as furniture) every time a clean is required.

Noise: Many single disc cleaners also enable the cleaning process to blend more into everyday working practices by offering a far lower noise option than many other types of floor cleaning machines. This ensures that floor cleaning tasks are able to be undertaken during working hours with minimal disruption to the surrounding workforce and therefore reducing the cost of the machine operators’ overtime or out of hours allowance.

Flexibility: These machines can offer excellent flexibility, enabling one piece of equipment to be utilised for scrubbing, polishing and cleaning, which avoids unnecessary expenditure on additional kit. Many models also offer high speed disc rotation, a choice of different rotation speeds and high gloss polishing options.

Vibration: The machine operator could benefit from a lower level of vibrations – enabling the machine to be used for longer periods, subject to the appropriate risk assessments.

Want to see an example?

If you want a cost effective, quality floor cleaning machine that offers the benefits outlined above, or any other cleaning equipment, make B & G Cleaning Systems your first point of call.

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