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Single disc floor cleaners

Keeping commercial floors clean and in good condition helps to create a good impression and pleasant working environment, whilst also keeping anyone operating within the work space safe and secure.

One of the most flexible types of floor cleaning machine, which is often used to clean a large commercial space is the single disc floor cleaner, also referred to as a rotary floor cleaner.

What is a single disc floor cleaner?

Disc floor cleaners consist of a sizable rotating disc at the base, with a handle stretching all the way up to chest height so that users can push the machine around comfortably with a high degree of mobility. These are multipurpose cleaning machines, meaning that they are able to provide a wide range of benefits to commercial floors by cleaning, polishing, buffing and scrubbing. Different pads, rotation speed and motor power can provide the solution for any floor cleaning application, from de- waxing or deep scrubbing, up to polishing or buffing; from crystallization up to spray cleaning; also carpet cleaning or sanding.

Disc floor cleaners are professional cleaning machines, and anyone unfamiliar with using them will only require a few minutes of training in order to safely work them efficiently and effectively. Thankfully, operating a disc floor cleaner is relatively easy to pick up, and once the user has familiarised themselves with the dimensions and weight of the machine, the process will soon begin to feel completely natural. Changing pads is usually a quick and easy process too.

One of our most popular single disc floor cleaners is the Truvox Orbis which is available in 3 different specifications

Truvox Orbis rotary floor buffer & cleaner

Example single disc floor cleaner, the Truvox Orbis

A lower cost alternative is the Truvox Orbis Eco, an economical single disc rotary floor cleaner, popular with cleaning contractors – also available is 3 different specifications.

Do you need a disc floor cleaner?

Here are some things to consider:

What type of floor do you need to clean?
Disc floor cleaners are quite versatile in the range of floors they are able to clean. If your commercial space has wood, concrete or marble flooring, these machines really can work an absolute treat.

What type of stains do you typically have?
These machines have the ability to remove a wide variety of different stains and marks from floor spaces, but any particularly stubborn blemishes caused by grease or paint may require a floor scrubber that’s able to generate more power.

The dimensions and design of your floors
The flexible nature of disc floor cleaners allow them to scrub areas of your flooring that might be impossible to reach with other types of cleaning equipment. If the commercial space you’re looking to clean has a complex floor design, disc floor cleaners might be an excellent choice given their manoeuvrability and generally compact size.

Other benefits of single disc floor cleaners

Operator comfort: These easy-to-move, light machines also benefit from a lower level of vibration than other types of cleaning equipment, enabling the machine to be used for longer periods, subject to the appropriate risk assessments.

Size: Most rotary cleaners are compact, so can be stored easily on the site where they will be used most, cutting down on time, resource and logistical issues associated with larger floor cleaning machines. In addition, the size of the machine will also offer a solution to floor spaces where it is impractical to move items (such as furniture) every time a clean is required.

Low noise: Single disc generate far less noise than many other types of floor cleaning machines, so they can be used during working hours with minimal disruption to the surrounding workforce.

Flexibility: These machines can offer excellent flexibility, enabling one piece of equipment to be utilised for scrubbing, polishing and cleaning, which avoids unnecessary expenditure on additional kit.

If you’re looking for a cost effective, high quality, floor cleaning machine – call us for advice, we’re happy to help.

Article updated by Kerrie Leigh 19/8/20.

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