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6 Reasons Why You Need a Scrubber Dryer

Floor cleaning is a necessity rather than a pleasure but it can be made easier and less of a hardship by using a scrubber dryer. This type of floor cleaning machine has evolved over time from a mechanized replacement for a mop and bucket into a sophisticated floor cleaner.

A scrubber dryer, or floor scrubber, basically works by using one or more rotating brushes which act on the floor surface and replicate the action of a scrubbing brush. The cleaning action is enhanced by the introduction of a cleaning solution to agitate the dirt away from the floor. The resultant residue is then collected by a system of squeegees and/or vacuum to leave the floor clean and dry.
That is a simple explanation of the operation of a floor scrubber but why should anyone use these machines as opposed to manual or other mechanized cleaning options?

1. Floor scrubbers are easier, quicker and more hygienic than manual floor cleaning

One of the easier positives to draw from using a floor scrubber is that it is far superior to using a mop and bucket. Manual cleaning is very low tech and whilst in some cases the old ways are best, in this case they are definitely not. Wet mopping means exactly what it says, the floor is left wet after cleaning and will remain so for some time after. As we all know this poses a significant slipping or tripping hazard as well as the hard labour for the operative doing the mopping. Another problem is that the action of manual floor mopping can spread dirt and germs around the floor, and dirty water is reapplied from the bucket – so whilst the floor might look clean, it probably isn’t hygienically clean after traditional mopping.

The efficiency of manual cleaning compared to a scrubber drier does not bear scrutiny – a floor scrubber can clean approximately twice the area in the same time, wetting the floor, removing the dirt and drying the floor in one pass, so it is possible for work to continue while cleaning is being carried out.

2. A scrubber dryer is the most effective cleaning machine for many types of hard floor

There are other ways to clean hard floors. For example, you could use a pressure washer in some situations, however it will leave the floor even wetter that manual cleaning would do, so creating more health and safety hazards as well as more downtime, as the floor area cannot be used until it had dried out. In food factories for example, where machinery and walls need pressure washing to keep them clean, a scrubber dryer can be used to clean and mop up the excess water caused by the pressure washer, keeping any downtime to a minimum.
Floor sweepers are also good for industrial floor cleaning and are ideal for removing dust and debris, but depending on the type of dirt, you may really need to scrub. There are some machines available like the Nilfisk SC250 compact scrubber dryer which sweeps, scrub and dries in one operation.

3. Efficient floor cleaning technology

The floor scrubber is an evolving cleaning machine which has seen significant changes over the years. The use of different cleaning systems such as using disc or orbital cleaning pads depending on the surface being cleaned have added to the cleaning efficiency. Cleaning, particularly floor cleaning can be hard work, so the ergonomic design and hand controls of the modern floor scrubber means less operator fatigue and a more efficient operation. Scrubber dryer technology is evolving fast, with some very sophisticated machines available now – and driverless cleaning machines are also being developed which will be autonomous and driven by software to ensure efficient cleaning.

4. Scrubber dryers are eco-friendly

The more advanced scrubbing machines offer a more flexible approach to floor cleaning, where the operator has control over the amount of water and chemicals used. For example some high traffic areas of a floor will require more intensive cleaning than lightly soiled areas. Instead of applying a uniform cleaning solution to the surface an operator can set the floor scrubber to clean with a less concentrated solution or no solution at all, as well as using less water. This enables a floor to be cleaned using less detergent and water, which is certainly kinder to the environment. Some floor scrubbers, e.g. the Nilfisk SC351 battery powered scrubber dryer, are recognized on the Government’s Water Technology List (WTL) which promotes products that encourage sustainable water usage. Floor scrubbers recognized as being suitable for the WTL can be purchased using the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme which provides tax relief on the capital outlay.

5. Floor scrubber options to suit your needs

There is a wide variety of floor scrubbers available on the market, with sizes ranging from a small floor scrubber little bigger than a vacuum cleaner, up to a ride- on machine weighing in at over 1500Kg. Within those two extremes there are scrubber dryers suitable for a range of cleaning applications, floor sizes etc. Scrubber dryers can be powered from mains electricity or independently powered e.g. with rechargeable batteries for greater manoeuvrability. The brushes used can be disc or cylindrical, depending on the configuration of the machine and its application.

6. Buy or hire a scrubber dryer

Finding the right scrubber dryer can be daunting; also it is a significant capital outlay so you want to make sure you choose wisely. That is why it might be useful to hire a floor scrubber instead of buying outright straightaway, particularly if it is only needed periodically. Hire before you buy is a good mantra and can save money in the long term.
Lease / hire can also be a good option, and for example we offer lease / hire on the Nilfisk SC530 walk-behind scrubber drier for just a few pounds per week.

From our close involvement with cleaning equipment manufacturers, it’s clear that floor scrubbers will continue to grow in complexity over the coming years, so businesses and cleaning contractors will need a reliable source of information and help to find the best machine for their specific needs.

B&G’s floor cleaning team has a vast amount of experience in supplying floor scrubber dryers to businesses around the UK, so give us a call to discuss your floor cleaning needs.

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