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Cleaning Equipment in the Midlands

The Midlands has an enviable reputation as the cradle of the industrial revolution – we’ve long been familiar with the grime and dirt produced as a consequence of mass production – the area to the west of Birmingham is not known as the Black Country for nothing!

In more recent years, the awareness of the need for a clean environment has increased and, beginning with the first Clean Air Act of 1956, there was an increasing need to clean up the workplace. Some of this is driven by government legislation but often it is seen a good housekeeping for the benefit of workers and managers. To achieve effective cleaning there are now cleaning machines to wash, steam or vacuum the floors, walls, machinery etc. and to scrub and polish floors.

As we are based in the Midlands, we supply cleaning equipment to a wide range of clients including manufacturers and food processors. There is also a thriving rural community in the Midlands of course, and we also supply pressure washers and other machines to farms and rural businesses throughout the Midlands and beyond.

Midlands pressure washers

The use of pressure washers in industrial cleaning in the Midlands is widespread and we supply a lot of these for commercial use. At its basic level a pressure washer might be considered as a glorified garden hose except with additional pressure! The pressure is exerted through a pump which forces the water out at a greater rate than is possible through a mains supply.

Modern pressure washers are more complicated than that of course, and there is a vast range of machines with particular features for different applications. For instance to clean large floor areas you may need a machine that offers a high water volume at a lower pressure whereas for cleaning caked on dirt from a tractor you may want a higher water pressure but less volume. All of this has to be considered with the proviso that water under pressure can be dangerous and can harm the surface being cleaned, or indeed, the person doing the cleaning!

The original type of pressure washer was a cold water version and that is all that is required for many applications. Where the dirt being cleaned is more adherent though, a hot water pressure washer is better as hot water cleans better than cold! The use of appropriate detergents helps to remove caked on or oily deposits. The hot water pressure washer has its own boiler to heat the water to the required temperature and in some machines this is also put under pressure to raise the boiling point of the water to create steam. This steam type of washer is invaluable for difficult cleaning jobs such as cleaning graffiti.

Cleaning equipment suppliers based in the Midlands

B & G Cleaning Systems, with depots in Staffordshire, Warwickshire and the West Midlands, have been part of cleaning equipment history for over 30 years, providing service and expert advice to customers in the Midlands and the rest of the UK. We have a strong customer base in Birmingham, Coventry, Hinckley, Nuneaton, Rugby, Leicester, Stoke, and Wolverhampton for sales, service and cleaning equipment hire.

There is a huge choice of equipment available, so if you are based in the Midlands and would like advice about pressure washers or other cleaning equipment, please give us a call.

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