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Industrial Cleaning Equipment

The standard of cleaning required in the industrial environment has never been higher particularly in industries such as food where sanitation and hygiene are crucial. Fortunately there is an array of cleaning machines which makes the clean up process both more efficient and effective.

Sometimes the words “industrial” and “commercial” are used interchangeably in relation to cleaning equipment. This article focus on cleaning in industrial environment, whereas other articles in this section look at machines which can be used in a wide variety of commercial applications.

Industrial cleaning – floors

The floor is the natural repository for the residue caused through industrial processes. To help with the cleaning there are a variety of machines which offer a choice for different applications.

  • Industrial Floor Sweepers are machines which do what their name implies. They are pedestrian operated or ride-on and, by using a system of rotating brushes they collect the surface debris
  • Industrial Floor Scrubber Driers are used to remove stubborn debris and marks by using rotating brushes together with water and cleaning agents the floor is cleaned and dried by a system of squeegees and sometimes vacuum
  • Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are primarily used on carpeted floors but can also be used on hard floors. They vary in size and duty depending on the requirement and may have specific features such as multilevel filtration when used in healthcare environments.

Industrial cleaning – plant and equipment

Industrial processes often leave dirt, grease, biological material etc. behind on the machinery being used. To clean away this residue, there are a variety of industrial cleaning machines to do the work:

  • Cold Water Pressure Washers operate by using pressurised water to increase the cleaning capability. This is useful where the dirt is such that it can be washed away using the force of the water alone
  • Hot Water Pressure Washers are used where deeper cleaning is required. In this machine the water is heated as well as pressurised and often cleaning agents are introduced to enhance the cleaning process. On some washers there is a steam facility to increase the cleaning power.
  • Dry Steam Cleaners offer deeper cleaning as the steam can penetrate deeper into the surface allowing the removal of dirt from the nooks and crannies to ensure a hygienic finish.
  • Centralised Cleaning System uses a ring main system with pressure washers linked off it which provides a permanent solution for multi operator use where there is a regular washdown requirement. The type of system is usually bespoke and purpose built for the application.

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