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Electric powered cleaning equipment

Reducing carbon emissions is gaining more and more importance as we all start to understand the impact of emissions on our environment, and many businesses now have this high on their priority list.

The UK government has committed to achieve a 50% reduction in our carbon footprint by 2030, with electricity to be generated by wind, solar and nuclear power. This, coupled with the volatility in oil prices, and concerns about natural gas production, points to electricity as the fuel of the future for all heating needs – including cleaning equipment.

In a recent survey carried out by Lloyds Bank, sustainability was highlighted as an important part of the strategy for many manufacturers, with 7 out 10 surveyed having plans to shrink their carbon footprint.

This view is supported by research carried out by Inenco, as published in Manufacturing Management, February 2021. This survey of UK manufacturers found that 92% considered sustainability to be important or very important to their businesses.
There are numerous aspects to consider, including plastic consumption, energy usage, waste disposal etc, and some sustainability initiatives require significant investment and a long-term implementation plan. When it comes to cleaning equipment though, switching to electric powered equipment is something businesses can do now, at relatively low cost, much of which can be recovered in efficiency savings and reduced running costs.

Electric powered static pressure washers

Hot water pressure washing reduces the presence of germs without the need for detergent, another way to help protect the environment and reduce ongoing costs.

Whilst there are a number of electric powered portable pressure washers available, for example the Karcher HDS-E 8/16 and the Kranzle range of electric pressure washers, larger hot water pressure washers have tended to have petrol or diesel powered boiler systems. However that’s all starting to change.

Electric powered pressure washers are particularly suited for use in areas where emissions are undesirable or, in some cases, prohibited, e.g. in food production environments. Electric heating is 100% efficient at the point of use, as all of the fuel used is turned into heat, with no waste. There’s no need to store fuel, no risk of spillage and no fumes and maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

Looking to the future, as electricity becomes increasingly generated by sustainable sources, it will become completely carbon neutral.

The new MAC Plantmaster Electric and MAC Revolution Electric static pressure washers for example, are manufactured in Great Britain and have a number of features designed to maximise their efficiency and minimise power consumption:

  • Pre-heating tank, to provide hot water quickly and at constant temperature
  • Double boiler insulation, to improve heat retention
  • High quality components for longevity, reliability and reduced ongoing maintenance costs

With heating capacity from 18-48Kw, a maximum temperature of 80°C,variable water flow and pressure and low noise levels, the MAC Electric range is proving extremely popular for use in a range of industries, including food and drink production, pharmaceutical, industrial and general production environments.

Other electric powered commercial cleaning equipment

There is quite a range of electric cleaning equipment available now and you can see a range of scrubber dryers and steam cleaners here. Electric powered steam cleaners are increasingly used in Healthcare environments, for chemical-free hygienic cleaning and COVID-19 decontamination.

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Article by Ian Hodkinson 26th February 2021

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