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Floor Cleaning Equipment

Floor Cleaning Equipment – Buyers Guide

The type of equipment used for commercial floor cleaning is varied and determined by the physical size and nature of the floor to be cleaned. Floor cleaning can be tiresome and repetitive, but it is one of the tasks that has to be done for safety and cleanliness. To assist, there are a range of machines which not only ensure a quick and efficient job, but also reduce fatigue and physical exertion.

Types of Floor Cleaning Equipment

The level of technology and design in floor cleaning equipment has advanced significantly over the years and there is now a machine for every application. Take the vacuum cleaner for example, a simple machine that has been around for years, which can now have sophisticated filtration systems for dust control or be specifically manufactured and certified for safety situations such as hazardous or potentially explosive dust. The floor sweeper is a machine often seen in factories and warehouses, and appears to merely replicate the action of a broom, but this belies the advances made in their development. For instance the type of brush used is important, a stiff brush will remove heavier dirt whereas a brush with thinner bristles will be better at removing lighter deposits; additionally there are other aids such as a self levelling system to ensure good contact with the cleaning surface. Scrubber driers which are similar to sweepers but also wash the floor, have options of cylindrical or disc brushes, depending on the type of surface, and the Tennant range of machines have ground breaking technology which greatly reduces, or in some cases removes altogether, the need for chemical detergents.

Floor Cleaning Equipment Checklist

When purchasing floor cleaning equipment there are a few broad point to consider at the start

  • Always buy from a reliable source
  • Ascertain what the machine has to do i.e. the type of dirt to be removed
  • Check the physical area – size matters for your machine selection
  • Motive power – battery or engine powered
  • Robustness – the machine is to be used in a commercial environment and needs to take the knocks and bang that are the consequence

These are just a few things to think about when selecting floor cleaning equipment. The best option is to talk to B & G Cleaning who have been supplying cleaning equipment for over 25 years and have a wealth of experience to draw on.

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