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Central Wash Pump System

Cleaning the food preparation area in a factory environment has never been more important and there are pressures on the management of food factories to comply with the high hygiene standards and also to control costs, maximise energy efficiency and minimise waste.

High pressure washdown pumps

The use of a high pressure washer system delivers effective cleaning results but has the potential for spreading bacteria in airborne particles, so pressures less than 20 Bar may be used which may lead to the need for more manual cleaning and the use of more aggressive chemicals to remove protein build up etc.

Medium / low pressure washdown pumps

Pressure washing with medium pressure (say 40-100 bar) is becoming more popular, particularly in the food industry, and can be just as effective, whilst being easier and safer to operate, with lower water flow, less risk of cross contamination and the ability to create foam cleaning solutions using suitable lances. There is still a requirement for low pressure washdown cleaning in some high-risk areas though.

Central Wash Pump Systems

A central wash pump system solves the pressure problem by enabling a variety of pressures to be used at different times and for different cleaning tasks. B&G bespoke central wash pump systems are designed for cost-effective, efficient and responsible cleaning and can achieve a variety of pressure levels to suit the factory manager’s requirements, from one system.

Efficient Factory Pressure Washing

A centralised wash pump system can optimise water usage by providing the correct pressure for each cleaning task. Electrical energy can be optimised by the use of the central wash multi-pump concept. If only one or two operators use a wash system during the production shift but then say 12 operators are required to clean the factory before the next day, a multi-pump with say 30 litres/minute pumps provides the ideal energy efficiency. This can be achieved with a six-pump machine whereby two operators share a pump, or even a twelve pump unit, depending on the ideal flow per operator.

B& G has developed a computer controlled wash-down system for larger requirements which uses two of its standard six pump assemblies connected to the same ring main. The system switches on just the number of pumps required depending on how many operators are using the system at the same time, and also ensures that pumps receive equal usage over time. This creates an energy efficient system which uses on average 5.5Kw of electrical power maximum for one high pressure gun. This design would absorb less power for lower pressures.

A Central Wash Pump System using a medium pressure pump set has now been introduced, using a seal-less pump system. This uses 30 litres/min pumps capable of a maximum pressure of 70 Bar. A single pump assembly is available for smaller producers as well as assemblies up to six pumps.

Coupled with efficient satellite foam/sanitiser connection points and a well designed ring main, B&G Cleaning Systems can provide an efficient, operator friendly, turn-key project. We have a wealth of experience in food preparation cleaning and so can offer outstanding advice and information.

To discuss your cleaning needs, please give us a call or complete our contact form.

Article updated by Ian Hodkinson 27th May 2021

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