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Petrol Pressure Washer Information

Petrol pressure washers are widely used by businesses with a need for regular pressure washing, as they are more heavy duty than electric machines and, as no power supply is needed, they can be used anywhere. Pressure washing is an efficient and cost effective way to clean dirt from floors and equipment.

Advantages of petrol pressure washers

With a conventional mains powered pressure washer, movement is constrained by the length of the power cable. This can make life difficult if cleaning is required at a less accessible part of the premises or perhaps off site. Petrol pressure washers will often have their own water bowsers so they are completely self-contained; this is particularly useful where access to water is difficult or impossible, such as cleaning road signs or bus shelters for example.
We supply a selection of trailer mounted Bowser Pressure Washer for example, which provides a robust power washer for cleaning in awkward or difficult areas.
Even where there is an accessible water supply, there can be safety benefits in choosing a petrol powered pressure washer and there are some very robust industrial grade machines available, such as the Honda Petrol Trolley Pressure Washer.

Petrol pressure washers are usually considerably cheaper to buy and maintain than the equivalent diesel powered machine and also quieter in use.

Choosing a petrol pressure washer

There are various things to consider to make sure that you get the best petrol pressure washer for your needs.

Do you need a hot or cold water pressure washer?

Cold water pressure washers remove dirt well, and can be used with detergent to help remove stains. There are usually quite compact, relatively low cost and low maintenance. However, if you have grease, oil or other difficult types of dirt to remove, a hot pressure washer is more effective, as the hot water has a lower surface tension, which breaks up the dirt molecules more easily. Hot water petrol pressure washers may be slightly more expensive to buy and to run than cold, but the benefits of faster and better cleaning make them a good investment. The heated water (or in some cases steam) can also be used to help control the spread of viruses.
See more information about hot water pressure washers here. 

Check the water flow and pressure

The cleaning efficiency of a petrol pressure washer is determined by the volume of water discharged and also the pressure. i.e. the force of the water on the surface. If the pressure of the water played on the cleaning surface is too great, then there could be unfortunate consequences such as damage to the surface. As important a factor in the cleaning process is the rate of water flow, which is the water volume passing through the pump. A greater volume of water means a faster washing process whereas a high pressure would mean deeper more penetrative cleaning. The pressure washer should be appropriate for the job in hand and operators should be aware of the potential hazards that might be met by inappropriate use and too high a pressure.

For many types of cleaning problem, a petrol pressure washer can be invaluable and if you only need one occasionally, you can hire a petrol power washer from B&G.

If you need advice, please call us, we take the pressure out of buying cleaning equipment!

Article originally written December 2017, revised and updated by Ian Hodkinson 28th Jan 2021

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