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Green Cleaning

When it comes to going green when you clean, the information can be overwhelming and confusing. There are multiple facets to the green cleaning concept and it can be difficult to know where to begin and what to include in your organisation’s environmentally friendly cleaning programme. Why not get some guidance and take a look below at the top tips to consider when developing a green cleaning approach for your business?

Green cleaning: top tips to consider

  • Choose the right machine and equipment. Some cleaning machines use less water or electricity than others – some only use a tablespoon of water to clean a square metre of floor
  • Think about where you get your energy from that powers your cleaning processes. Is it from sustainable sources? Is it renewable energy? You can opt to buy, what’s been termed, ‘green’ energy from mainstream suppliers so making this element part of your green cleaning programme need not be complicated. To get a idea of what’s out there, log on to one of the ‘green switching’ websites like
  • Don’t forget the basics. Organisations can go to great lengths to find the exact green clean match for their business or industry sector but sometimes the obvious can go unnoticed. There might be a brand new eco-friendly, state of the art machine, but are there appropriately environmentally conscious dishwasher tablets and washing up liquid in the office kitchen?
  • A core part of the cleaning process is the disposal of waste. Ensuring your green cleaning programme incorporates recycling as well as the most environmentally-beneficial waste disposal options is ideal.
  • Environmentally-friendly often also translates into ethically responsible so it may be worth considering where your green cleaning products come from and how they are produced.
  • Consider your green cleaning as a complete process. Evaluate all the elements and find out where it works for your business to be green and how much, if any, commercial impact you want your environmental policy to have on your business e.g. how much extra are you willing to spend and what ‘green’ compromises are you willing to make? Make sure you get the right balance for your organisation.

There are many factors to take into account when ‘greening up’ your cleaning regime.

B&G’s cleaning equipment range has several new environmentally friendly machines; such as the Nilfisk scrubber dryers, some of  which qualify for the ECA scheme.

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