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Fogging Machine (Fogger)

The fogging machine is also called a fogger and is a machine which distributes chemicals such as insecticide or disinfectant into an area by means of a fine spray. The solution is sprayed into the space by using air pressure to create a fine mist of small droplets which cover the area requiring treatment. The density of the spray is controlled by a valve on the fogging machine so the optimum spray can be created. Care has to be taken when using these machines and enough time should be allowed to elapse to allow the solution to work and to protect the workforce and operatives

Fogging Machine – Food Industry Applications

Foggers can be used inside or outside in a variety of situations in agriculture or the food process industry where sanitizing is a vital element. Chemical foggers are particularly important in environments such as the dairy industry (milking parlours), the pig industry (weaner sheds) and hatcheries for the chicken business, where any pollution of the workplace would be costly in time and money. Fogging machines are also crucial in sanitizing high risk food preparation areas where food, either processed or fresh is about to go to market and where the appropriate level of cleanliness is crucial.

Fogging Machine Types

Fogging machines can be portable or static, automatic or manual and have various designs suitable for particular applications. They vary in size depending on the operation required and normally have the chemicals or disinfectant contained within the body of the unit, however some units can be fixed directly on to a drum of insecticide or other chemical solution, for large scale operations. There are centralised automated systems electronically controlled for larger facilities

B & G Clean have a range of portable fogging machines which have an electric fan and require no other air supply, enabling the fogging operation to be carried out efficiently and with the minimum of inconvenience.

B&G Chemical Fogging Equipment

Other Applications

Medical facilities can also have a use for foggers in areas which have specific hygiene requirements. They can also be used for humidifying in greenhouses or other areas where high humidity is required. Amongst other uses are, as a method of deodorising areas such as sewage treatment plants where odour control is required, or dust control in industries like mining to prevent airborne pollutants. Insect control is an increasing problem inside and outside. Chemical fogging machines can apply insecticide using the ultra low volume (ULV) method which creates extremely small droplets, to such an extent that they may not be visible to the naked eye, of concentrated insecticide to ensure full coverage and effective insect control.