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High Level Cleaning Equipment

In any commercial environment, the floor is usually the first area to become obviously dirty and a great deal of cleaning is focused on that area, often employing an extensive range of cleaning machines. We can tend to forget about other less obvious areas which may not receive as much in the way of unwanted deposits but, over time, the dirt build up and can become both unsightly and potentially hazardous. High level areas might be defined as being unable to be accessed unaided, so it may need a step, a ladder or some other method to enable cleaning to be carried out. These areas are easy to ignore as few of us ever look up, so high level cleaning must be part of a regular cleaning regime and not left until somebody happens to glance up and is shocked at what they see! It is a wise saying that “Prevention is better than cure”.

Access for high level cleaning

The primary problem faced in cleaning at high level is access. Stairs and walkways are not often in evidence in industrial premises so other means may have to be employed such as scaffolding or a mechanical aid like a cherry picker or scissor lift. This type of access equipment should be used by licensed operators who have undergone appropriate training. For instance powered access operators should have a Powered Access Licence issued through the IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) which confirms their ability to use the equipment safely. Safe working practices should also be in place.

Using cleaning equipment in hard to reach areas

Once access has been attained the cleaning operation has to be carried out. This may be a simple as a bucket of water and a sponge but, more likely, sophisticated equipment is required.

A vacuum cleaner is one possibility, perhaps in the form of a back pack vacuum which allows the operator more flexibility to reach difficult areas.

Pressure washers could also be used where there is stubborn or greasy build up. It is possible that by using a pressure washer with an extending lance the need for access equipment could be removed. An extended lance could reach over 7 metres in length, which is long enough to reach most high level fascias for instance. By attaching the lance to the purpose made belt worn by the operator, it is easy to manoeuvre and cleaning can be carried out efficiently and effectively, from the ground.
See some useful pressure washer accessories here.

There is a wide range of pressure washers available, including petrol / diesel powered options, ideal for more remote parts of the site. For true portability, the Edge Grimebuster is trailer mounted, with it’s own bowser to supply water, so it can be used virtually anywhere and when combined with an extended lance, is ideal for exterior high level cleaning.

High level window cleaning

Probably the most obvious things that need cleaning at high, or even low, level are the windows of the premises. The dimensions of the building determines the method of cleaning, so for example, a high rise structure may need specialist teams abseiling down the outside whereas other premises may only need a step ladder to facilitate the cleaning.

One method which is now widely used for high level exterior and window cleaning is a pure water cleaning system which can be operated entirely from the ground. Pure water is water that has been demineralised i.e. it has had all its impurities removed. Water is naturally impure so when the pure water is applied to a surface it absorbs and removes the dirt and grime as it returns to its impure state, leaving windows much cleaner. Telescopic “reach and wash” water fed pole systems are able to reach as high as 72′ and awkward windows, fascias and gutters can also be cleaned effectively with the same equipment. Special brush heads, designed to work with pure water, remove any dirt, then a final rinse with pure water is all that’s needed.

There is a range of high level cleaning equipment including “reach and wash” available for those difficult to reach areas and for the best advice and creative, cost effective options, call B&G Cleaning Systems.

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