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Foam Cleaning Equipment

As the standard of hygiene in the workplace has risen over the years, the techniques and machinery involved in the cleaning process have kept pace. Indeed, the level of cleanliness now being achieved would not be possible were it not for the sophisticated cleaning machines available today. One such type of cleaning machine is foam cleaning equipment which has evolved into an essential part of many cleaning processes.

What is Foam Cleaning Equipment?

As part of the cleaning process an important ingredient is the application of chemical detergent to clean the surface and for the detergent to do its work, the longer it stays in contact with the surface, the more effective will be the removal of deposits and build up. To extend the period that the detergent stays in contact with a surface air is introduced into the solution to cause it to foam and attack the unwanted residue for longer. When the detergent has done its work it is rinsed off with a pressure washer after which the area is normally finished with a sanitizing solution.

Different types of Foam Cleaning Equipment

The application of foam is part of an overall cleaning process which includes rinsing and sanitising – all of these functions being operated by a pressure washer system. Each operation requires a separate cleaning lance with attachments suitable for the purpose to ensure the correct application. Where there is a regular and specific requirement, then it is better and more efficient to have all of these operations contained within a single unit. This can be in the form of a chemical foam dispensing trolley which is moved to the area to be cleaned and water supplied into it. All of the required solutions are contained within the trolley and a simple switch operates the various functions for which separate cleaning lances are supplied.

Alternatively, B&G’s washpoint foam sanitising unit is wall mounted and can dispense different solutions using a simple selector valve.

The ideal system would be built in with the water, foam and sanitiser pumped from a central unit to a dispensing outlet. B&G specialise in custom built centralised cleaning systems which use a ring main system, making cleaning possible at all times.

To find out more about the use of foam cleaning equipment or any other type of cleaning equipment, contact B&G Cleaning – we’re happy to help.

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