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Diesel Pressure Washer

When using a pressure washer for cleaning, it may be that there isn’t a convenient electric supply nearby. In this case a pressure washer with its own power supply is the answer, allowing the flexibility of carrying out the cleaning in situ with the minimum of disruption. A diesel pressure washer is often preferred because diesel engines provide full power almost straight away and are generally more economical.

Diesel engine pressure washers – options

Diesel pressure washers can provide cold or hot water with a steam option if required.
Options are
static pressure washers or
portable diesel or petrol engine driven pressure washers which are invaluable for offsite work, and may even have their own water tank for completely independent operation. The adaptability of a diesel (or petrol) pressure washer makes it an excellent appliance for cleaning in a variety of sectors.


Things to consider

  • Robustness – pressure washers are by their nature often used in demanding environments and as such should be up to the job. Often used in remote locations the washer should be reliable and withstand the treatment that industrial or public surroundings may inflict
  • Accessories – Make sure that a full range of accessories are available, such as floor cleaning tools and specialist alternatives like chewing gum removal.
  • Noise Level – If a diesel pressure washer is being used where noise is a problem, then select a machine with some sound attenuation to ensure that there is a little disturbance as possible.
  • Duty – Make sure the pressure washer is correctly sized for the job it is required to do, and is the right type. Hot water has greater cleaning power but these machines are more expensive and unnecessary if a cold water version will suffice.
  • Buy or Hire – If you only have an occasional requirement or need a machine for a fixed period, then hiring a pressure washer may be a better option
There are many things to consider when selecting an engine-driven pressure washer and it is crucial to get the right advice.
B & G Cleaning have over 25 years experience as pressure washer suppliers and can give you the information you need to make sure you make the right choice – just give us a call.
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