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Exterior Cleaning Equipment

It is said that first impressions are the most important and the appearance of a building and the surrounding area can be enhanced by using a range of exterior cleaning equipment. There is a machine for every area and they reduce the laboriousness of the task and ensure it is carried out with efficiency and economy.

Exterior Cleaning Equipment for Grounds Cleaning

The area surrounding a building can be as important as the building itself. When commercial premises are surrounded by rubbish and debris it does not look attractive to visitors or employees and may be hazardous. To remove the surface litter and detritus the floor sweeper would be one piece of exterior cleaning equipment that could be used. The floor sweeper uses a system of rotating brushes to literally sweep the debris back into a holding vessel for later disposal. This type of floor cleaning machine reduces the time taken and operator fatigue which means the environment can be kept clean and safe preferably through a regular maintenance programme. It may be that even with regular sweeping the hard standing area is still dirtier than it ought to be. In this case a pressure washer with a rotawash attachment would have an impact on stubborn dirt. This attachment uses rotating nozzles contained within a casing which allows the cleaning power of the water to be applied evenly to the floor and reduces the potential for water to splash back on to the operator. The pressure washer without an attachment can leave a striped effect on the floor as it is difficult to clean evenly on large areas.

Exterior Cleaning Equipment for Building Cleaning

The appearance of the buildings can be enhanced by regularly removing the build-up of grime using a pressure washer as part of the exterior cleaning equipment regime. The highest part of the building can be dealt with by using an extending cleaning lance to reach the more inaccessible areas without resorting to ladders etc. and the various health and safety factors to consider.

B&G have developed their unique Red Mist super-heated steam pressure cleaner for chemical free masonry cleaning. This is a very effective way to remove all types of dirt and paint from brickwork, whilst being kind to the surface.

For more information about how to keep your buildings and surroundings looking their best Contact B & G Cleaning who can advise the most cost-effective solution


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