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Floor Scrubber Hire

A range of floor scrubbers available for hire, short or long-term.

Our range of floor scrubbers will remove dirt from virtually all types of hard floor, leaving the floor clean and dry. All have been selected for their robust construction, high floor cleaning performance and large solution capacity to ensure longer cleaning time, enabling you to get best value from your floor scrubber hire.

Scrubber dryer hire

The floor scrubber dryers available to hire from B&G range from smaller pedestrian machines through to heavy duty ride-on scrubber dryers for extended use in larger areas.


Example floor scrubbers for hire

Below is a list of example prices. if you don’t see what you’re looking for, we have other floor cleaners for hire here. If you are unsure which machine would suit your cleaning job, please call us and we would be happy to give the advice you need.

B&G are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of industrial cleaning machines we offer a full range of floor scrubber machines for sale


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Floor Scrubber Hire Prices


Floor Scrubbers / Scrubber Dryers Example Machine for
Hire or Equivalent
3 days 5 days 1 week
4 weeks
12 weeks
26 wks
52 weeks
Multiwash Floor Cleaner 340mm (240v) Multiwash 340 £112 £134 £160 £128 £102 £82 £66
18″ / 450mm Mains (240v) Pedestrian Viper-Fang 18C £130 £155 £185 £148 £118 £95 £76
Medium 20″ / 500mm Battery Pedestrian Viper-Fang 20HD N/A N/A £245 £196 £157 £125 £100
Medium 24″ / 600mm Battery Pedestrian Viper-Fang 24T N/A N/A £295 £236 £189 £151 £121
Large 28″ / 700mm Battery Pedestrian Viper AS6990T N/A N/A £345 £276 £221 £177 £141
Large 28″ / 700mm Battery Ride-on Viper AS710R N/A N/A £425 £340 £272 £218 £174
Large 34″ 850mm Battery Ride-on Viper AS850R N/A N/A £465 £372 £298 £238 £190
Large 36″ / 900mm Battery Ride-on Tennant 7200 N/A N/A £495 £396 £317 £253 £203
Large 45″ / 1150mm Battery Ride-on Sweeper Scrubber N/A N/A £675 £540 £432 £346 £276

Comes with brushes, excludes chemicals. All prices shown exclude VAT. Delivery/collection charges apply, details here. 

Machines with minimum hire period 1 week are not available for collection, We will deliver to you. 

Prices for cleaning equipment hire of over 1 week apply to pre-booked minimum hire periods only.


To check availability, place an order or ask a question

Advantages of hiring a floor scrubber

  • We can advise you on the best equipment for your cleaning job
  • Hire for just as long as you need it, from 3 days
  • What we quote is what you pay, no ongoing maintenance fees or unexpected breakdown costs to worry about
  • Free up capital to spend on other projects
  • Hiring means that you have access to well serviced and maintained equipment

Floor scrubber hiring tips

Things to consider before hiring a floor scrubber

Important note: Due to the nature of this equipment, the machine needs to be transported in a vehicle that has a suitable type of ramp.

  • Make sure that the machine is suitable for your needs – ask us for advice before hiring a floor scrubber dryer
  • How large is the floor area to be cleaned?
  • Are there any obstacles on the floor space that need to be considered?
  • What type of dirt do you need to clean?
  • What type of floor surface do you have?
  • Do you need to clear the area before the machine is delivered or collected?
  • What type of power source is available?
  • Do you need detergent? Ask for advice and we can supply with the machine if required.
  • Are there any health and safety issues to consider when using the machine?