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Rotary Floor Scrubbers

Rotary Floor Scrubbers - What do they do ?

Scrubbing floors is, at the best of times, a repetitious and laborious exercise, which is a great reason for the development of the rotary floor scrubber. When carried out manually, floor cleaning can be an inexact task depending as it does on the assiduousness of otherwise of the cleaner, whereas a machine gives a consistent result time after time. The action of the disc of a floor scrubber ensures that the surface area of the floor that it comes into contact with is thoroughly cleaned. This is ideal particularly for persistent dirt and the design of the machine allows for cleaning right into the corners next to walls. These machines not only scrub floors, they also dry and can have additional features such as sweeping or vacuuming etc.

Rotary floor scrubbers - Pedsetrian

Probably the most well known Rotary Floor Scrubber choice is the freestanding or pedestrian variety like the Edge ODM 43B where the operator walks behind the machine, gliding it over the floor’s surface. Suitable for a variety of floors and types of dirt, a freestanding machine can offer you a flexible RPM output to suit your differing requirements as well as the opportunity to change the type of floor pads it uses depending on the type of dirt removal required and the type of polished finish needed. Do look out for the weight of the machine in its specification, this can vary and will have an impact on how easy the operator finds the Rotary Floor Scrubber to use.

Ride-on rotary floor scrubbers

Now if you really mean business, there is always a ride-on Rotary Floor Scrubber like the Edge A24. Real mean machines that are suitable for large surface areas, your Rotary Floor Scrubber operator will thank you as a ride-on Rotary Floor Scrubber means far less effort for them. Modern ride-on Rotary Floor Scrubber machines can be surprisingly versatile so if you’re discounting them as a solution for you due to a perceived lack of manoeuvrability or physical size then don’t, the facts may surprise you.

How do you choose the right Rotary Floor Scrubber for you?

Ideally you need to consider three key questions:

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