A steam power washer for more effective cleaning

An industrial steam power washer is a strong, powerful pressure cleaner that's far more effective than normal pressure washers in a range of industrial cleaning applications. As well as producing hot water under pressure these machines also create steam which gives additional cleaning power for cleaning and sanitising in industrial and commercial environments. You can buy, hire or lease steam power washers when you need the power of steam to ensure deep and thorough cleaning to optimal levels.

Reasons to use a Steam Power Washer

There are a variety of reasons to choose a steam power washer for industrial use, these include:

  • handle tough jobs in commercial or industrial environments
  • hard to remove dirt, grime and deposits easily cleaned away
  • removal of grease or oil
  • pressure and steam together provide quick and easy cleaning solution
  • portable or mobile machines easily tackle outside jobs
  • durable machines are easy to use and offer great value

Steam power cleaners are ideal for a variety of purposes, including:

  • cleaning concrete
  • graffiti removal
  • degreasing
  • removing gum
  • remove paper and posters
  • vehicle cleaning
  • sanitizing
  • recommended for a variety of industrial uses, particularly useful in pharmaceutical, engineering, food industries and agricultural environments

Any business with a need to clean machinery, vehicles, maintain the exterior of premises, or ensure a clean and sanitary environment for health and safety reasons will appreciate the power and performance offered by industrial steam power washers.

Types of Steam Power Washers

The steam power washer works in the same manner as a pressure washer, however, the integral burner inside the machine heats water to boiling point, so pressurised steam is emitted from the nozzle instead of hot water.
Some steam power washers also incorporate hot or cold pressure washing options, so operators can choose the best way to clean different surfaces.

Dry steam cleaners are also available to provide a more intense clean, using steam that has little water content and has a much higher temperature. A dry steam cleaner is particularly useful in environments where too much water could cause damage. Extra cleaning power can also be achieved using static cabinet steam cleaners which feature additional detergent mix when there's a need for more localised powerful cleaning. Mobile steam power washers are available with integral water tanks and equipped with a diesel fuel boiler for tackling outside jobs like graffiti, cleaning concrete and gum removal.

B&G Cleaning Supply Steam Power Washers Throughout the UK

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