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Food Preparation Area Hygiene

A significant amount of our cleaning equipment range is supplied to the food industry. There has been a growing awareness of the need for effective cleaning in any area where food is involved and standards are high. There are many factors involved in maintaining a hygienic environment for food preparation including:

  • The layout and design of the catering equipment influences the cleaning process by ensuring that all surfaces are accessible and difficult to reach nooks and crannies are kept to a minimum
  • The cleaning regime should be documented with processes defined so that operators know when where and how cleaning should be carried out
  • The cleaning machines used should provide the most efficient and economical solution to the cleaning problem, to ensure that hygiene standards are met

Catering equipment cleaning processes

The nature of deposits left in a food factory environment are often greasy and adherent to the working surfaces of the equipment. Removing the residue is one thing but, getting a surface hygienically clean is another. The most effective cleaning machine for deep cleaning a surface is a commercial dry steam cleaner.

A dry steam cleaner will create steam, super-heated to a temperature of up to 170°C which effectively reduces the deposits to a liquid state, making them easy to remove by wiping or using the integral vacuum within the machine. As was stated above, no catering equipment within a food preparation area is without some nooks and crannies and a steam cleaner can get into these less accessible areas to attack the dirt. This machine is the most effective piece of cleaning equipment for killing bacteria and micro-organisms.

Centralised cleaning equipment

Depending on the level of hygiene required a steam cleaner may not be all that is needed. For instance we sell a significant number of bespoke cleaning systems to the food industry which use multiple pressure washer lances and an automatic chemical dosing system if required. A centralised cleaning system uses multiple pumps employed in sequence, serving a number of cleaning lances which are fed from a ring main system. This type of system means that it can be used by a single operator, or multiple operators depending on the requirement dictated by the cleaning regime.

The system is designed to suit the requirements of the environment and is ideal where large scale catering equipment is needing to be kept scrupulously clean. The advantage of this type of bespoke cleaning system is that it is suitable for carrying out a full wash down at the end of a shift when all the lances would be used as well as intermediate cleaning when perhaps only one or two lances would be required.

The level of hygiene and cleaning processes required for catering equipment and food preparation areas in general are specific and important to ensure there is no contamination to the end product. At B&G we have many years of experience of supplying cleaning equipment to the food industry and we pride ourselves on our after sales service. If you need any advice or information, please contact us.