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Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are a vital tool in the industrial environment ensuring that cleaning is carried out to the standards and regulations required. The pressure washer has been around for many years and has developed into a wide range of types. The basic principle is the same in that water is fed into a machine and is the pumped out via a lance, exiting through an adjustable nozzle. The spray can be altered by adjusting the nozzle to suit the cleaning job in hand, the narrower the water jet the stronger the cleaning force, but less area is covered.

Selecting a Pressure Washer

Selecting the correctly sized machine from the huge range of pressure washers available can be daunting. The selection criteria are based on the type of job the appliance is required for. An example would be oil or greasy deposits which are adherent may require a high pressure to remove them, however a large hard surface area requires a lower pressure but a higher water volume. Consideration should always be given to the duty that the machine will be required to give to make sure you select the correct machine.

Types of Pressure Washers

The sophistication of pressure washers has developed over the years and there is a lot of choice. Hot water washers as well as cold are now available which are more effective if degreasing or disinfecting are required. The other advantage is that because hot water cleans better than cold, lower pressures can be used. Pressure washers can be portable or static and there are advantages to both:

For larger applications and more operators a centralised cleaning system, such as the B&G Cleaning MPA central wash system would be the answer, this allows for multi operator use with a sophisticated pump arrangement and computer controls.

For information about pressure washers and how they can help you keep your business spotless, contact B&G Cleaning for the best advice and prices available.