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Pressure Washer Repairs

Pressure Washer Repair the What and How

Even if we regularly service and look after any piece of machinery there is always the possibility of it breaking down, and a pressure washer is no different. It is a nuisance when something you rely on lets you down, but there are solutions to the problem.

What is a Pressure Washer?

A pressure washer works by feeding water through a motor driven pump which puts the water under pressure to be expelled via a trigger operated lance directing the water to the area to be cleaned. To aid cleaning there is normally a detergent intake to mix with the water and, in the case of a hot water pressure washer there will be an integral burner to heat the water. Whilst the principle of a pressure washer is similar for all types, like cars there is more complexity depending on the size and duty of the machine. For example a small domestic cold water washer has a simple pump arrangement, probably electric powered from the mains, whereas larger commercial units may be portable or static, powered by a diesel or petrol engine, have an integral burner with perhaps a steam making facility and may have separate lances for different cleaning functions such as sanitising.

Pressure Washer Repairs – What could go wrong?

As with any piece of machinery with moving parts there is a chance for something to go wrong which will normally show itself in reduced performance. For example a reduction in pressure may simply be because of air in the system or a blocked inlet valve, but it may be because of a failed pump. Because the washer uses pressure anything that interferes with that is problematic, so a blocked nozzle on the cleaning lance impacts on the pump which may be damaged by the excess pressure. Pressure washers use water, so connections need to be tight and free from debris as does the water tank where build up can interfere with performance. The best way to prevent the need for pressure washer repairs is to get the machine regularly serviced and checked, although even then there may be unforeseen events that may cause the pressure washer to be out of service.

In the event of a problem occurring, the pressure repair should be carried out by a reputable cleaning equipment sales and service provider like B&G Cleaning who have over 25 years experience in this field.

Cleaning Equipment Service and Repair

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