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Industrial Cleaning Machine

Industry has changed over time, moving away from the heavy and labour intensive to the smaller more mechanised unit. As industry has developed and its processes have become more sophisticated, the need for cleanliness and hygiene has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Keeping pace with the changes in industry, the industrial cleaning machine has developed and changed as well and there is now a formidable range of appliances that form part of the modern commercial housekeeping regime.
The modern industrial cleaning machine’s operation takes account of the economic and environmental factors that are important to the user. Efficiency in the use of power, water, chemicals etc. is criteria that are crucial in the selection of the correct machine

Industrial Cleaning  Machines for the Floor

Cleaning the floor area is one of the most regular cores in the workplace; fortunately there are a plethora of industrial cleaning machines to assist. There are different types of floor sweepers both pedestrian operated and ride-on; or there are scrubber driers, which are operated in the same fashion and provide a deeper clean. Vacuum cleaners can be dry, wet and dry, a tub type, an upright type, battery operated, used as a backpack or suitable for hazardous material. There is a vast range of floor cleaning machines to call on for a variety of tasks.

Industrial Cleaning Machines for other surfaces

For other areas and surfaces the range of equipment is no less impressive. Washing surfaces can be difficult if the deposits adhere and are difficult to remove. One industrial cleaning machine to take care of this problem is a pressure washer (see more information). The pressure washer works by forcing water through a nozzle to create a strong jet to blast the dirt away. There are various types of pressure washer which use cold or hot water, may also use a detergent applicator and could be portable or static. Other cleaning requirements could be met using a dry steam cleaner which introduces steam to a surface to remove stubborn deposits.

In the modern era there is a wide range of industrial cleaning machines including computer controlled bespoke systems that are efficient and cost effective. For these or any sort of cleaning equipment contact B & G Cleaning Systems who would be pleased to assist by offering great advice and information