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Environmental industrial cleaning

The application of the word ‘environmental’ can be liberal and its definition broad. In an industrial cleaning context, the term can refer to products or materials being any one, or all, of the following: biodegradable, non-toxic, non-acid, non-caustic, non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-abrasive, non-hazardous and/or from sustainable sources.
Environmental industrial cleaning can also refer to processes that require no alien substance at all (e.g. foam, detergent etc.), instead relying on water pressure, steam or self-cleaning mechanisms.
For the pure environmentalist, the ideal industrial cleaning process requires hard graft by hand using only natural cleaners (e.g. lemon) and avoiding unnecessary use of electricity and water to conserve the world’s resources

Environmentally conscious industrial cleaning – is it possible?

With the range of machines, equipment and products currently available in the environmental arena, it is possible to have an eco-friendly ethos. Many companies find it useful apply the concept of ‘reasonably practicable’ to ensure that they can achieve a balance of sensible commercial reality and environmental responsibility.

Companies are also required to adhere to appropriate cleaning rules and regulations under Health and Safety law.

Choosing equipment, machinery and products that provide your organisation with the optimum commercial:eco balance is essential. There are many different options open to businesses and the balance point will be different for individual organisations, as well as industries. For example, you may choose any of the following as your approach:

There are many other combinations that could be used in addition to those outlined above - and don’t forget, you could always employ a specialist environmentally conscious cleaning company to shoulder the responsibility on your behalf.

Finding out more about environmental industrial cleaning

In the ever-evolving environmental arena, it pays to ask the experts. If you want a specialist cleaning equipment company for core, practical advice on environmentally friendly industrial cleaning equipment and materials then look no further than
B&G Cleaning - why not give us a call?