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Restaurant Hygiene Made Easy – The Role of Cleaning Machines in Commercial Kitchens

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Machines Maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness in a restaurant and a commercial kitchen is imperative to ensure customer satisfaction and uphold health and safety regulations. A combination of advanced cleaning equipment, including steam cleaners, vacuum cleaners, scrubber dryers, and pressure washers, can streamline the cleaning process and deliver exceptional results. Steam […]

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Washdown Cleaning Systems

Washdown cleaning systems are typically used in production environments, e.g. in milking parlours and food factories where hygiene is essential. They can also help to improve productivity and reduce production downtime.

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Steam Cleaning for Coronavirus Decontamination

The current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has made us all much more aware of what “cleaning” really means and we can’t escape the fact that invisible bugs and viruses can be lurking on surfaces everywhere. In our view, regular steam cleaning is the way forward for all types of business, and here’s why:

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What is a Centralised Cleaning System?

Cleaning plays a hugely important part in the industrial and commercial environment; as a result cleaning methods and equipment have become increasingly more sophisticated. The centralised cleaning system has been developed for use in businesses…

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