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Washdown Cleaning Systems

Cleaning in place after processes involving organic matter is a hugely important exercise. Whether it is in the milking parlour or a large food factory, effective cleaning is a vital part of the process. We are all much more aware of the potential harm that an unhygienic environment can cause and this places importance on the cleaning regime.

Wash-down equipment

It is almost certain that to carry out effective washdown cleaning some sort of mechanical aid would be needed. For a simple task a cold water pressure washer to sluice down an area may be all that’s required, but for more complex areas, pressurised hot water and/or steam and the right chemicals will be necessary. How can a sophisticated wash down system effectively clean premises and machinery?

Washdown cleaning system types

The complexity of a washdown system is dependent on the cleaning requirement. A static hot water pressure washer located in the vicinity of the area to be cleaned is a straightforward example of a basic washdown system. All the controls are located within a lockable steel cabinet which contains the hose reel and the chemical delivery system, as well as the pump and fuel tank. The option to clean is there at any point during the process as the machine is available in situ for use during, as well as at the end, of a working shift.

A more sophisticated system involves a bespoke multi operator system which allows for ongoing cleaning in a modern industrial environment. This installation, known as a centralised cleaning system, works from a ring main which circulates hot water, under pressure, around the factory and feeds cleaning lances located at points along the pipework. The water is pressurised by pumps operating in series, which enables the cleaning lances to be used at different stages during the day. For example, not all the cleaning lances would necessarily be used at the same time, some areas may require an interim clean when only one or two lances would be needed, at other times say at the end of the shift, all the lances would be used. Using a multi pump system means that there is flexibility in how and when the cleaning is carried out.

Sanitising chemical in this type of system can be dispensed either from a central point or by using a portable foam dispensing trolley. In food factory areas in particular sanitising agent are delivered in a foam as it stays on the surface longer giving it more time to work before rinsing.

Bespoke cleaning system

It is the nature of this type of washdown cleaning that the system is designed to fit the cleaning requirements of the situation. The pressure and flow of the cleaning water, the number of lances, the type of cleaning chemicals and cleaning attachments, all have to be considered to find the optimum solution to the cleaning requirement.

This type of system is the most flexible as it can be used by one operator or many and can be used to clean machinery, walls and floors. B&G are leaders in designing, fabricating and installing this type of cleaning system as well as providing ongoing service and maintenance.

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