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Cleaning Applications

How to clean commercial wooden floors

Cleaning commercial wooden floors Wood floors are increasingly popular both domestically and in the commercial environment. Its attraction is both aesthetic and practical in that cleaning a…

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Cleaning stone floors

Cleaning natural stone floors Stone is a natural material and as such requires care when cleaning, not only that but different types of natural stone flooring will require a specific cleaning regime. One size does…

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Cleaning Solar Panels

Keeping your solar panels working efficiently How do solar panels work? The photovoltaic effect, which is the basis of solar panel technology, was discovered…

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Keeping warehouse floors clean

The costs of dirty floors The modern warehouse is a complex operation with computerised stock control, advanced racking systems and state of the art…

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Cleaning Catering Equipment

Food Preparation Area Hygiene A significant amount of our cleaning equipment range is supplied to the food industry. There has been a growing awareness…

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