What is a static pressure washer and why use one?

Most of the commercial pressure washers available are portable, so the user moves the washer to the area which needs cleaning. Whilst this is ideal in many situations, there are some limitations, for example the availability of power and most importantly, access to a water supply. There are some pressure washers which have built in bowsers to store water, like the Edge Grimebuster for example, which is trailer mounted and is most typically hired for those tough cleaning jobs in remote locations which are likely to be just a one-off or infrequent job.

Stationary pressure washers

We’re seeing increasing demand for static (or stationary, or fixed) pressures washers, which are exactly that, they don’t move, so are typically installed close to the equipment or machinery that needs cleaning, or in an area where items requiring pressure washing can be brought to them.

Here’s an example, the MAC Plantmaster, which we can offer at a very competitive price – click here for details


Benefits and features of stationary pressure washers

Whilst they aren’t suitable for every pressure washing need, stationary machines have a lot of advantages over portable cleaners, particularly where they need to be used outside, or operated by several different people.

  • They are housed in robust frost proof cabinets, which are secured in place and locked, so they can’t be stolen or removed and can’t easily be tampered with
  • Static pressure washers include safety features and auto cut-off settings with remote control, so preventing over-use, e.g. in plant rooms where the operator may not be able to hear the machine
  • The pressure, temperature and detergent settings can all be pre-set, so that operators can’t change them, to ensure that the machines perform at optimum levels depending on what is being cleaned – ideal for non-expert users
  • The fuel supply is also secured to avoid inadvertent contamination
  • There is no need for operators to drag or push the machine around, no trailing cables or hoses, which makes them safer to use in busy areas
  • Access can be controlled by key or by token, which can provide time bound access
  • Many stationary pressure washers can be used by multiple users at the same time

Who uses static pressure washers?

Haulage or fleet management companies with large numbers of vehicles to keep clean. Particularly where truck drivers are responsible for cleaning their own trucks, the static pressure provides them the tools to do a good job, whilst enabling the fleet manager to keep control.
The Nilfisk Truck Booster has been designed for vehicle cleaning

Nilfisk Truck Booster image 1


Other users include:

Service stations and car dealerships who wish to offer self-service washing facilities for a set charge – depending on the level of usage, fixed pressure washers can bring a very quick payback on this type of use.

Food factories use static pressure washers in a different way, and the advantage for them is that they can house the machine outside of the food preparation area and use outlets with hoses, lances etc. at each cleaning area –  effectively cleaning  food processing equipment, conveyors and tanks. Hot water static pressure washers make short work of all food waste, including oil and grease.

Farmers and equestrian centres use them to clean anything from milking parlours to pig-sties and stables.

Could a stationery or fixed pressure washer help you?

See all static pressure washers here or give us a call, we’re happy to offer advice.