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A wide range of cleaning machines

In this rapidly-changing world, new businesses are being created and industries are expanding. The need for specialist cleaning technology is growing with this expansion, and with it demand for companies that supply it. As such, the machines available for different types of cleaning requirements are as numerous as they are diverse, and this post will discuss the variety of industrial cleaning machines available.

Pressure Washers

To effectively clean areas with difficult-to-clean places, such as brickwork, machinery and vehicles, a pressure washer may be required. Heavy-duty machines are suited for industrial applications, and many can be used in areas where there is no direct access to a water supply. This type of appliance blasts a powerful jet of water onto an area, which effectively dislodges dirt and grime at speed, which can then be cleaned up from the surrounding area. The water can either be hot or cold, and usually there is the option of adding a cleaning fluid to aid the cleaning process.

Steam Cleaners

In order to give a deeper clean to a surface, a steam cleaner may be necessary. These are often chemical-free, and apply hot steam to an area to sanitise it. The steam dries quickly, so it doesn’t leave the danger of slippage or unsightly streak marks that a mop does, and sometimes the steam is sufficient enough to sanitise the surface by killing bacteria.
Vacuum Cleaners
The epitome of floor cleaning is the vacuum cleaner, which uses a powerful suction to pull up dirt from the floor. For industrial use, these appliances can be modified to suit certain types of floor (for example non-carpeted or abrasive surfaces), and even to deal with explosive or dangerous dust, or larger debris. Industrial vacuum cleaners are usually more powerful than models for personal use, so as to ensure a more effective clean, especially in environments where this vital to hygiene or safety regulations.

Floor Sweepers

To provide a more polished appearance to a surface, it is possible to use a sweeper. These floor cleaners work by spinning a cyclical system of brushes against a surface to scrub off dirt with speed and precision. They come in a range of sizes and applications, and can be ride-on or push-along, depending on the appliance. Sweepers do not use water, but simply rely on the pressure that is applied by the brushes to remove dirt.

Scrubber Dryers

Scrubber dryers are very similar to sweepers, but they use water and cleaning fluids to remove the dirt, as well as the system of rotating brushes. Advances in technology mean that these machines now regularly use minimal chemicals, and there is a choice of battery or engine powered products. After the water and brushes have been applied, squeegees put pressure on the surface of the floor to dry it quickly, so that the machine can move on to the next area.

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Centralised Cleaning Systems

Systems designed for a certain cleaning purpose can be manufactured with sophisticated solutions in mind. There seems to be no end to the list of variables that a customised cleaning system can include, all of which are exclusively tailored to the needs of the industry.

Other Types of Cleaning Equipment

It can sometimes be difficult to determine what the best type of cleaning appliance for your business is, and therefore specialist knowledge is needed. B & G Cleaning Systems are experts in their field and are happy to advise on different types of equipment for industrial cleaning, so please contact them or comment below to find out what is best for you.