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A wide range of cleaning machines

We live in changing times, industrial cleaning equipment is adapting to meet the needs of businesses. Recent events have led to the creation of some different types of businesses and ways of working, with increased focus on hygiene and creation of a safe environment for staff and customers, so the need for specialist industrial cleaning equipment is growing, and increasing focus is being applied to deep cleaning and sanitisation, to prevent the spread of viruses – on top of the normal cleaning routines that we’re used to.

Every business is different and can help their operation to run smoothly and efficiently through the right choice of cleaning equipment. In this post we’ll list the main types of industrial / commercial cleaning equipment available today and their key features.

Pressure washers & steam cleaners

To effectively clean areas with difficult-to-clean places, such as brickwork, machinery and vehicles, a pressure washer is often required. Heavy-duty machines are suited for industrial applications, and many can be used in areas where there is no direct access to a water supply. This type of appliance blasts a powerful jet of water onto an area, which effectively dislodges dirt and grime at speed, which can then be cleaned up from the surrounding area. The water can either be hot or cold, and usually there is the option of adding a cleaning fluid to aid the cleaning process. Some hot water pressure washers produce “wet steam” for deeper cleaning.
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Dry steam cleaners

For situations where too much water might cause problems, a dry steam cleaner can deep clean and sanitise, often without the need for chemicals, so they are more eco-friendly than chemical-based cleaning methods. Hot steam dries quickly, so it doesn’t create the danger of slippage or unsightly streak marks as a mop might do.
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Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are used by virtually every type of business, using powerful suction to pull up dirt from the floor and other surfaces. For industrial use, these appliances can be modified to suit certain types of floor (for example non-carpeted or abrasive surfaces), and even to deal with explosive or dangerous dust, or larger debris. Industrial vacuum cleaners are usually more powerful than models for personal use, so as to ensure a more effective clean, especially in environments where this is vital to hygiene or safety regulations.
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Carpet and upholstery cleaners

Whereas a vacuum cleaner will lift dust and dirt from a carpeted surface and is ideal for daily maintenance, for a really deep clean, you need a carpet/upholstery “extractor”. These machines spray solution into the carpet or fabric and agitate it into the pile. The dirt is absorbed into the solution, which is then vacuumed up by the extractor.
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Floor sweepers

To provide a more polished appearance to a surface, it is possible to use a sweeper. These floor cleaners work by spinning a cyclical system of brushes against a surface to scrub off dirt with speed and precision. They come in a range of sizes and applications and can be ride-on or push-along, depending on the appliance. Sweepers do not use water, simply relying on the pressure that is applied by the brushes to remove dirt. Floor sweepers may be fuel or battery-powered, with recent advances in battery technology providing increased run times for all sizes of equipment.
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Floor scrubber dryers

Floor Scrubber dryers are similar to sweepers, but they use water and cleaning fluids to remove the dirt, as well as the system of rotating brushes. Technology is advancing here too, with reduced need for chemicals in many cases, and a choice of battery or engine-powered machines. After the water and brushes have removed the dirt, squeegees put pressure on the surface of the floor to dry it quickly, so that the area can be used almost immediately.
Portable scrubbers are also useful for walls and other surfaces as well as floors.
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Rotary floor buffers and polishers

These machines are ideal for scrubbing and polishing hard floors. As they tend to be smaller, more nimble machines, they’re particularly suited for use in schools, shops, warehouses, and other busy areas.
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Fogging machines

Traditionally used for odour and pest control, foggers have become more widely used since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, as they can be used with sanitising and disinfecting chemicals to quickly and effectively sanitise all of the surfaces in a room.
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Other types of industrial cleaning equipment

Other types of cleaning equipment include outdoor cleaning machines, road sweepers, pure water cleaning systems, and much more.

It can sometimes be difficult to determine the best type of cleaning equipment you need for your business, so our specialist knowledge can help. We are happy to advise on different types of equipment for industrial cleaning, so please give us a call to find out what is best for you.

Article originally written 10/6/15, updated and rewritten by Martin Reece 29th September 2021.