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As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, the coronavirus pandemic has heightened the need for effective cleaning and sanitisation, as businesses need to create a safe working environment for their staff and customers.

We’ve seen a growing demand for scrubber dryers and also the development of improved technologies, as manufacturers seek to make scrubber dryers more versatile and more efficient, with water and energy saving features, as well as chemical dosing systems to minimise the quantity of chemical used when cleaning floors.

The ability of scrubber dryers to clean floor areas quickly and efficiently makes them suitable for all types of commercial enterprises from healthcare, to factories and warehouses, offices and shops, schools and other public places, and the wide range available, from ride-on and walk-behind machines to portable scrubbers, means that there’s a solution for businesses large and small.

New Karcher scrubber dryers

We’ve recently added 3 newly updated products to our online catalogue, the Karcher B 110, B 150 and B200 ride-on scrubber dryers.

Karcher B 110 R Scrubber dryer image 3

Karcher B110R Floor Scrubber Dryer

The B 110 floor scrubber for example, uses speed-dependent technology to reduce the water supply whilst the machine is travelling slowly, e.g. whilst turning, or working into a corner. This enables the machine to use only the amount of water needed as any time during use, so the tank remains full for longer, allowing greater floor area to be cleaned, and achieving faster drying times.
Increased versality is achieved through features such as the B 110’s onboard side scrubbing decks, which extend a further 10 centimetres from the machine, enabling users to get closer to the surfaces they are cleaning, such as walls or shelves, removing the need to manually clean the awkward areas. Additional technology on the B 110 allows the scrubbing deck to swerve under the machine if it encounters an obstacle, to avoid damaging the machine and enable the operator to continue working even when things get in the way!
The B 110 has two on-board 110 litre tanks, each adapted to hold either fresh water or dirty water, so users can keep working for long periods without refilling.

User comfort is also important for all types of ride-on floor scrubber, especially when the machine may be used for long periods, so ergonomic, height adjustable, seating is now the standard. Similarly, reduced noise levels and longer lasting brushes, squeegees and other parts all help to make the new machines more environment friendly.

At B&G, we’re excited about the numerous technological advances we’ve already seen and expect to see in the near future.

There’s a lot to think about when choosing a scrubber dryer though, and many options to choose from, so if you need advice, please give us a call.

Blog by Kerrie Leigh 21/06/21.