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The costs of dirty floors

The modern warehouse is a complex operation with computerised stock control, advanced racking systems and state of the art material handling machines. All of this equipment is there to make the warehouse run efficiently, but all this sophistication can be undermined if the housekeeping is not up to scratch.

All warehouses are the same in one respect, and that is that the floor should be kept as clean as possible. An excess of dirt and grime can create problems beyond hygiene and looking unsightly. For instance the floor markings in a warehouse are there for a purpose, such as indicating areas of hazard or delineating walkways. These important markings can be obscured by the residue created by warehouse activity and could lead to an accident. Similarly an unacceptable level of dirt can cover up cracks and ridges in the floor which increase the risks of trips for pedestrians as well potential damage to forklifts or other equipment.

Aside from the dirt that remains on the floor, airborne dust and deposits should be kept to a minimum. Dusty environments can have an adverse effect on machinery such as clogging up air filters or radiators, and of course it does not make for a healthy environment for operatives or visitors. Dirt and debris in a warehouse can be hazardous and expensive so regular floor cleaning is an important part of the operation.

The range of hard floor cleaning machines using the latest technology that are now available means there is no excuse for dirty floors. There are scrubber dryers, floor sweepers or even scrubber sweepers of different configurations and sizes, which means that there is a machine suitable for all floor cleaning applications. It really is a false economy to stint on floor cleaning particularly as there is such a variety of equipment to help with the task.

See a selection of cleaning machines for hard floors

The choice of equipment can make it difficult to decide on the most effective solution to the cleaning problem. That’s where we can help. The B&G team has vast experience of cleaning machines and can advise on the most efficient and cost effective for any given situation. If you need any advice about floor cleaning machines, or any other cleaning equipment, please do not hesitate to give us a call.