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We recently hired a pressure washer and accessories, suitable for cleaning large paved areas, to a new customer Fred, based in Surrey, Fred had a lot of paving and blockwork to clean and knew he needed industrial spec equipment to get the job done effectively, but couldn’t find any local to him, so he came to B&G.

poolside paving before and after pressure washing

Fred hired a 11HP 15/200 petrol cold water machine with 20 metres high pressure hose, gun and rinse lance, an 18” Whirlaway surface cleaner, with additional turbo lance.
The Whirlaway rotary cleaner is a really useful tool for cleaning patios and driveways, as it applies the water from close to the ground, via rotating nozzles contained within a housing, which concentrates the water on a small area at a time. This saves water and avoids overspray, resulting in a quick and tidy pressure washing job.

All of the equipment was prepared ready for a 1 week hire at our Marchington depot, and when Fred came to collect it, we showed him how to operate everything.

block paving before and after pressure washing

Fred was pleased with the service he received from the B&G hire team and was delighted with the results, as you can see here from his own before and after photos.

driveway before and after pressure washing

Just goes to show what you can do with the right equipment and a bit of time! And when you only need it occasionally, hiring is a very cost effective solution.

You have a lovely garden Fred and thank you for sending the photos in to us.

poolside paving image