Chewing gum removal system

Cleans seats, bins, signs, doorways

Powerful 8 bar steam pressure

Chemical delivery built-in

Stainless steel construction trolley mounted

Continuous fill boiler minimises downtime

Tools and accessories included

How do you remove chewing gum? The "MATRIX GTS" system solves the problem, by heating the gum with steam and applying detergent which is agitated with the brush attached to the steam nozzle. The gum is then broken down to leave little or no trace.


This steam cleaning machine is also perfect for cleaning public areas such as seats, bins, signs, doorways etc as well as toilets. It also removes the glue used by flyposters.

This commercial / industrial chewing gum removal system uses water saving technology and incorporates a 8 bar pressure steam boiler with an integral chemical delivery system for the best results.
This model replaces the Matrix GR8888.

We also supply parts for MATRIX GTS - call us

Technical Data

Features: Matrix GTS
Supply voltage (V) 240 / 110
Water Tank (L) 5
Detergent tank (L) 5
Boiler (L) 3.3
Boiler (W) 3000 / 2200
Steam (bar) 8
Weight (Kg) 125
Dimensions (H x D x W) (mm) 1000 x 1160 x 660

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