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Fogger Hire

Chemical fogging machines are suitable for odour and pest control and also for disinfection and sanitisation. Hire a fogger for occasional use or to “try before you buy”.

When used with an appropriate disinfectant chemical, foggers can be used to sanitise all of the surfaces in a room, in just a few minutes.

We also supply V2 antiviral disinfectant, which can be used with a fogging machine to provide protection against the spread of COVID-19.

Hire Fogging Machines

Advantages of hiring a fogger for sanitisation

  • We can advise you on suitability for your room or environment
  • Hire a fogging machine for just as long as you need it
  • What we quote is what you pay, no maintenance fees or unexpected breakdown costs to worry about

B&G are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of industrial cleaning machines we offer a full range of foggers for sale

See our detailed guide to using Foggers

Click here to find out all you need to know about chemical fogging

Below is our fogger hire price list.

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Fogging Machine Hire Prices
Fogging Machines Example Machine for
Hire or Equivalent
3 days 5 days 1 week
4 weeks
12 weeks
26 wks
52 weeks
ULV 50 Fogger (240v) £39 £46 £55 £44 £35 £28 £23
V260 Fogger (240v) with hose V260 Fogger £53 £63 £75 £60 £48 £38 £31
Prices for cleaning equipment hire of over 1 week apply to pre-booked minimum hire periods only.

Items marked * – collection only for hire periods of less than 1 week


Collect from us or we'll deliver

Minimum delivery / collection charges apply. See map and charges here


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Fogging machine hiring tips

Things to consider before hiring a fogger

  • Make sure that the machine is suitable for your needs – ask us for advice before hiring
  • What size of room / area do you need to fog?
  • Do you have access to a power supply?
  • We recommend that your operator has PPE
  • You will need to use an appropriate chemical